This page is an abode to the random musings that say “Whats up?” to my mind each day. I try my best to make it a point to update this page frequently, but my occasional busy lifestyle makes it hard to do so.

I am an avid cook and baker, and the kitchen is my nirvana. I am also a hardcore bread and pastry lover, and these rubies never fail to disappear from my plate, into my digestive system, in the fraction of a second. As strange as this might sound, I genuinely find that the batter of a baked dessert tastes better than the end product. (Now you’re starting to wonder what goes into this tummy of mine.)

I am quite a book-lover, and I’ve ever tried completing a novel in 2 days. To me, the smell of new books and massive bookstores are comparable to the smell of freshly baked brownies. As I believe that valuable quotes are meant to be recognised and memorised, my books are therefore widely brimmed with colourful highlighter inks. Occasionally, I do try to compose my own poem and write my own short stories. However my lack of confidence has caused them to be buried and tucked away in the depths of my private diary.

One of my (not so well-knowned) hobby is singing, and my favourite singer is Taylor Swift. I aspire to be like her one day in the future (hahaahha). She is my inspiration for my periodic bangs hairstyle, and I can never get sick of her songs. Since young, I’ve always aspired to excel in a musical instrument, but I’ve never had any luck in it. I’ve tried strumming a guitar before, but my short fingers have disabled me from doing so. I’ve also studied piano before, but stopped before my first theory exam.

Lastly, I’m thankful to be surrounded by a loving family, supportive relatives, and treasurable friends who help me walk through this arduous and tedious journey called, Life. More importantly, I am only able to do this with the help of our Lord God, Almighty.

And now i will say, “My name is Cristalbelle and you are?”

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