While we were having lunch yesterday, my parents spotted an old man, probably suffering from dementia, walking with only one side of his slippers. Peering to the table beside us, where he had just got up from, my dad spotted the other side of his slippers. Unknowingly, the old man had walked barefooted on one leg and left the other slipper behind. Paps immediately went over, picked up the slipper with his own hand, and brought it to the old man. 

A 3minute scene which made me think about my parents who brought me up from the moment I was in mom’s tummy. Years on, their white hair been dyed and redyed, their ailing health supplemented by medication, and the need for  mom to hold onto papa when she climbs up the stairs. Together with the perpetual moving clock that is ticking away, I felt my heart cripple. I am worried. I am afraid. That I won’t have the time to pay them back for all the love they have showered upon me. That’s when I knew I had to do something. At this very moment, this very, now. Cause time waits for no one.

The sight of lonely old people makes me cry especially helpless lonely old people. (Yes I’m an emotional bitch like that) I hope the world will be a better place. Start loving the people next to you. 

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