Me on a wheelchair for the very first time!!!!!! Quite shiok to be pushed around though, lol.

This week saw me spending all but 2 days at home treating the various flu bug and viruses that were attacking my seemingly poor immune system. I have never imagined myself admitting to A&E as a patient before the age of 28 (because I hope to be a mama come 28, 29ish? hahahahahahaha), but this week proved my theory wrong. My suspected appendicitis landed me at Changi Hospital, spending a total of 7hours sitting on a wheelchair in sheer agony with none of the painkillers working on me. Like aren’t painkillers supposed to stop the pain like how chocolate stops misery??? So other than the gruelling 7 hours, I had a total of 5 needle pokes, multiple blood tests, a chest X-ray and urine test. The outcome: Nothing conclusive. hahahah. I swear one day, just one day, this sensitive stomach of mine will land me in trouble.

Although the wait was excruciating, I was thankful to be examined by a really nice doctor. Dr Sophia was both patient and attentive, which made me feel at ease. Talking about doctors, I think my frequent trips to my GP have made myself known to even the ad-hoc doctor there. Stepping into the consultation room on Friday,

Dr: Aren't you the one who was sent to the A&E for 
appendicitis the other day?
Me: Yes... Hahaha.

This is not in anyway relatable to this post but 1) the doctor remembered me even though I was in a bad state the other day, 2) the doctor was kinda cute 3) the doctor was really cute 4) the doctor was cute and funny and nice 5) number 4 supersedes #1-#3.

This ill-fated (pun intended and literally) coincidences which plagued me twice in a week is questionable. The only notable incident which strikes a note of me plausibly offending someone was the other night at Aunty Anne’s itself? I was second in queue away from my cinnamon sugar pretzel when this lady in front of me was still contemplating on which flavour to get even though 25 centuries have passed and my great great great great grandson has celebrated his golden jubilee. So thinking that she might still need another 50 centuries to decide before she reincarnates, the staff turned to looked at me, given the aforementioned situation, and I immediately said “1 cinnamon sugar”, leaving the lady with one choice less and uhm, no more cinnamon sugar pretzel to choose from (aka, I took the last one). She then turned around and looked at me in horror as if I had just consumed her magic youth potion… So like excuse me, Miss, if you need time to mull over which flavour to satisfy your spirit and give you another 10 years of happiness, please try calling 1800-chicken-soup-for-the-soul. Thanks.

Me on Friday even though I was running a fever. LOL. Guess looking good is an everyday thing to me.

 I’m glad this flu and inflamed throat are starting to evanish albeit leaving me with a hoarse and scratchy voice. I don’t think I can deliver a sentence well enough to not lose my voice midway through the statement. This is the best time to pick a verbal argument with me because the odds will be ever in your favour. But it’s a different thing if it’s quarrelling over text messages hahaha.

I hope the antibiotics will completely expel this virus and leave me feeling whole once again. From this ordeal, I’ve realized that I really really love chocolates and waffles and icecream because I still crave them even though my body is rejecting everything else. Love knows no boundaries. And the optimal thing that came out of this is is probably the lost of inches over some areas of my body because the skirt which I had trouble zipping at my waist is now slightly lose. HA HA HA HA.

I might just wanna fall sick every once in a while now… LOL.


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