So t(y)red of this

Today was pretty much one of those days – an out-of-the-norm kind (definitely one-of-a-kind, kind, and nowhere close to kind as in compassionate, kind) of eventful day. The details are making question myself if I had previously offended anyone, unknowingly, thereby being a victim of their villain hitting (Da Xiao Ren) lolllll.

So you know how every time someone talks about their car tyre going flat or punctured and you’re like, omg are you serious? Then what happened?, thinking that you’re just just gonna find out how your friend got out of the situation and never mind about the knowing what to do when you’re in that situation part. (Yes, THE exact way I lasted through my science classes back in secondary school btw.) That’s definitely me. Because, come on, what are the odds that this would actually ever ever happen to me?  Like in my entire life? Negative 2.1, maybe?

And BAM, yoohooo~~ Guess who did Mr Flat Tyre visit today? Hi… Hahaha. So when we got to church from our place this morning, which is a relatively short journey btw, we got stares from this guy who had just parked his car opposite ours. His eyes peered down at our wheels in such a palpable manner that we couldn’t help but notice and got worried AND felt awkward at the same time. Stepping out of the car, my sister who was the one driving, then let out a shriek followed by shouting “OUR TYRE PUNCTURED!!!!”.

My first instinct OMGOMGOMGIMGWHATTTOMG??? HOW, followed by a okay, looks like we have to ask someone over to change our tyre then, before me taking it so very calmly because
1) Tyre punctured only right?
2) I’m very certain that we can pull someone to help us change our tyre
3) I am very very sure some car workshop is available for us somewhere, somehow. Just google.

But upon seeing the tyre:

I suddenly felt like a rat sitting in front of a cat, nibbling on my cheese and waiting for the cat to just disappear. Both of us were undeniably clueless on what to do or who to call, except for our parents. ha ha ha ha ha ha. Such losers. LOLOL that aside, can you believe we actually drove around with that tyre which, I thought was kinda funny because part of me would be giggling if someone was actually driving safely in a loopsided car. I mean, just imagine the scenario. It’s like, the car is sitting on a tyre. THE CAR IS SITTING ON A TYRE. Lol. Not tryna be mean but eh WAIT, I get to say this because I have had experienced it on my own before. 

Thankfully, so very thankfully indeed, mom’s friend is a kind handy man who actually came to save us from our position. PHEW. 

Guess I’ve to start looking for people who have stories of their car tyre busting ya. Anyone? LOL.

Ps, feeling really nervous about the opening of our new branch tmr. So many things going on and I hope I remember every single one of them. Such anxiety. I hate h8 h8 this unsettling feeling. HELPPPP. On top of that, I’m having a really really bad cough now I feel like my lungs are gonna explode. Wish me luck, everybody. xx

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