I only call you when it’s half past, five

So while we were at Toast Box earlier, my parents were saying how difficult yet simple life is for some people, that 2 pieces of bun is already considered a full meal to them.

What they probably do not know is, their (not so) little girl here thrives on 2 half-boiled eggs for lunch on most days in a bid to…. lose weight. ha ha ha ha.


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  1. Anonymous said:

    Aiyo Cris ah dont starve urself to lose weight, 不吃哪里有力减肥.. But really 2 half boiled eggs is not enough la, though u take in less calories but then ur metabolism will slow down also ah. The only way to lose weight, or rather the correct way is to lose fats by exercising. So dear please dont do that anymore okay, just eat as usual and add in exercises to ur routine. If need help can come to me i might have a trick or two 🙂

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