First of June

About a month since I last blogged and we are already into the middle of the year? I can’t think of any notable achievements I’ve achieved since day 1 of 2015, and this sucks. WHERE HAS THE FIRST HALF OF MY 2015 DISAPPEARED TO??? That’s very much on a personal level.

In my work area, a fair bit has changed and, I guess we have established the tone for the second half of my 2015? In case if you were wondering, i’m still at my current job and surviving. It’s the exit and entrance of ex and new staffs respectively, together with our new premises, that has entailed changes.

Having only been at the ex establishment for 7.5 months, I am not particularly upset over the closure (in a my life is going through some mega big change crisis kind of upset). It was more of a losing something I was so used to and having to adopt another lifestyle from scratch, again . And if you do know me well, you would know I am not appreciative of changes – in any sense of the word.

We had a mini farewell party on the last night at the branch and we decided to spook ourselves with Sinister. I’ve never been a fan of American horror films because I’ve always felt they were not as terrifying as their Japanese and Thai counterparts. However, Sinister proved my mindset wrong that night and I am already quite psyched to catch Part 2 which, I heard will be out in theaters soon! Here are some pictures from that night and on our official last day at Scotts.

In front of the iconic signage which will be demolished soon /:

My journey at this center was not long (considering that most of my seniors have been there for at least a year), but I count myself lucky for having the opportunity to forge so many great friendships – some of which have developed into a close bond.  Whether is it with the people I fight against with everyday, or the ROs whom we assist everyday, and even the RMs which I see every once in awhile, i’m glad to have crossed paths with most of them. It is a norm to hear stories of subordinates who get on unhealthily with their direct managers, but i’m glad my situation is the direct opposite. Work aside, you know your manager treats you as your friend when you both message each other on skincare products… hahaha. (And this is something I will let you in soon because in terms of skincare, I think I have found my holy grail for dry skin!!!!!!!!)

Talking about RMs, I’m particularly grateful to this group of RMs who have been so kind to me as to bring me out once in awhile so that it wouldn’t seem like yours truly has no friends at all. LOL. Okay, jokes aside, I’m really thankful to have met this bunch of people who are just so annoyingly funny it’s, funny. Haha. Some of photos from the other night at Five Bar.

With pretty Grace who… thinks i’m pretty too. *flips hair* HAHAHAH. Aiyo, i’m so shameless.

And it’s so hard taking decent photos with guys because… this is WHY.

Anw, I’m very happy with my schedule for this week because I’m off from work on Tues and Wed. Finally, some time for myself and to catch up with the people/ issues in my life that I’ve been neglecting. I hope to squeeze in some banking time either tomorrow or the following day. And it’s time I get my room and clothes packing because… we will be shifting soon! We will be getting our keys this week and I am majorly stoked to check out our open rooftop ^^

On a side note, I am officially on a diet. Ha ha ha ha. Let’s see how long this lasts. Goodnight folks!

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hello Crissy! Im more or less having the same situation as u, adapting to a new environment. Hate to leave, but there are some things in life that we cannot make decision. Continue to stay bubbly sweets!

    • Hi there! Hopefully change is always for the better? Haha. Hang in there <:

  2. Anonymous said:

    U are forever so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement ❤

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