If someone were to peek into the routine of my everyday life, I’m sure the apparent dullness of this mechanical cycle would send the individual to sleep. It lacks edge, excitement, and appeal. My life is but a flat piece of… pancake? I wish I could travel the world to see, to touch, and to explore. There’s something so favorable about physical textbooks that images and words cannot express. #needagetawaysoon

Thus on a quiet night like this, downloading new books on Amazon is essentially my most enjoyable pass-time – the reason my bank account is seeing a steady attrition.

And since I haven’t written in a while, I thought I’d do so now.

She waits in the dark, she calls for love,
those cries they echo within four walls.
The tears she shed, they bleed like a wound,
A salty stream of broken trust repeats.
Her words get swallowed, they choke her to mute,
anger brings hurt to the table.
Blood is thicker than water, that’s what they all say,
proved otherwise when water is sweeter.
The care she once had, the heart she once held,
they dived into the hands of another.
She can’t get it back, she watch it unfold,
a sister she lost to a stranger.

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