So i’m only here because iTunes Store is down and I am officially frustrated with those unsolvable Error messages popping up in my face one after another. Urgh. Anw, I kinda lost my train of thoughts while I was getting frustrated over my frustration. OK. CALM DOWN BITCH. 

Haha, I’m sorry. I’m pretty much the woman who hates pending stuff in my head especially when it’s close to bed time and I want to dream of my Prince Charming in peace.  And i hate this because it’s the whole I totally need to do this later but I’m so damn ass lazy to note it down in my notebook so I put it all in my head and it gets dissolved like salt in water moments later. Yup. That’s the reason why I have undone stuff every once in awhile (but I swear I always try my best). And you see, not being able to download a song which, I’d like to enjoy on my way to work the next day, is a kind of jumpy and unsettling feeling which I detest.

Anw, In just 1 week, I’ve already experienced 2 separate moments in which I saw the same one person, on the same day, dressed in the same exact outfit as I saw them in the previous part of the day, but only at a different location, at two various timings. So for one of the two, this girl and I happened to be at the same threading place in the same afternoon, with us having dinner at the very same restaurant that very night. Imagine my stunned look when I spotted her (cuz she was quite pretty hahahahaha) because it was like didn’t I just saw her this afternoon????

As for the other, it actually happened yesterday where this lady who tapped her card at the MRT gantry before me, in the morning, was spotted in the same cafe as I was on the same night. If you’re thinking why I noticed her, it’s because she was carrying a burgundy version of my Givenchy Pandora which caught my eye at an instance. hahaha.

Is there a term for this? Like you know how we have things like deja-vu and such – which I’m always experiencing and it freaks me out quite abit. I don’t really know the exact term for this fascinating occurrence (assuming there’s one), but I find it to be extremely amazing because out of all the humans of the world, and out of the million geographical locations around the globe, 2 person can be at the same place at the same time on 2 separate timings, ALL in a single day. Wow. The way our world works at times, is really quite brilliant to me. And if you stop being oblivious to your surroundings, you will definitely notice some jaw-dropping instances which will make your day a lot more exciting.

I’ll be ending off this post with a song sung by a local indie singer (Cherie Ko) whom I think has pretty much secured a place in our local music industry. Although she’s young and still fresh in the scene, I believe she will make it big one day because she has already stolen my heart with a few of her originals. I hope she continues to do whatever she’s doing because I really enjoy her vocal. This is Oh, Louie!

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