While paps was clearing the area around our window ledge last night, I chanced upon my dusty old piano keyboard which i’ve owned since 2006? I have no inking of me familiarising myself with the black and white keys for the last time (before it was tragically boxed and wrapped in a black trash bag like unwanted bodies)- which could probably date back to 7 years ago, but I do remember having such intense passion for it that I enrolled myself in a grade 1 piano class at an uncommon age of 17.

I do find it a shame when people ask me the kind of grade that I graduated with upon knowledge that I’ve attended piano lessons at a music school previously. It’s such a pity that I gave up so quickly that I jolly well choose to dismiss the fact that yes, I went for piano classes before, completely.

But alas. After spending half & hour with the keyboard earlier this morning, I am finally able to play a whole song with both my left and right hand, all at once, without any help. It also doesn’t matter that the song is a simple Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars because, as it is, you can only judge me if you can make Twinkle Twinkle sound like a Mozart composition.

As such, my motto from now on shall be, If the going gets tough, the tough get going. But who am I kidding? This mantra would probably bury together with my dream after I fall asleep tonight.

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