While brushing my teeth before taking a shower this evening, thoughts were filling up my mind like the running faucet that was choking the sink. Updating this space with an inspiring write-up was one of the many musings that filled my mind. “What can be both thought-provoking and inspiring, yet not boring like a year 5 textbook?“, I said to myself. And then, it happened. WHAM. Like a moment of apparent Eureka. I was inspired with a thought/realization while inspiring myself to inspire people.

See it has been years since I’ve started penning down my thoughts and keeping up with a page that I still thrive to preserve and flourish with great insights, time after time. And like a prodigy being recognized for their talent, I’ve had my fair share of people commenting on my writing and telling me how I belong to the minority – people who actually bother to write and to actually “Write well”. And I thought, when did all these start? How did my love for writing erupt? It’s from reading, I answered myself, like a teacher asking for parents’ signatures on a return test script – redundant yet relevant.

Drawing on that idea, I went on to what inspires me?”, which set the trail ablaze. Inspire has to be one of the few notable words in the dictionary with the past tense occurring before the present..

To inspire is to first be inspired. And it was books, no great writers, that first inspired me.

Now i hope that stirred some veritable thinking while accompanying your long bus rides. And I leave you with goodbye in these words, “be inspired today

Merry Christmas!

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