“It’s one of those days”, I told myself. An excuse to overlook all the unfavourable episodes that have plagued my entity since 4 this morning. Trying to comfort myself, I cook up all sorts of excuses justifying my very own Friday the 13th. Either that or Halloween came way too early for me. Let’s see,

  1. My nausea led to profuse vomiting in the middle of my sleep (and night) this morning
  2. In my attempt to rush to the toilet in extreme dark, I knocked into the side of my sister’s computer chair
  3. My sleep got disrupted – enough said
  4. It’s not the most delightful feeling to be in bed when your tummy is in pain and effecting weird noises that even your dog is not worthy of making
  5. Upon reaching the clinic, I was welcomed with a complete black out and clinical assistants manoeuvring around with shining torchlights
  6. “Your waiting time is minimally an hour.” just great
  7. Being given an awful medication which tastes very much like detergent and soap powder hybridised
  8. Got knocked into a deep sleep that I didn’t even know of my very own existence
  9. Accidentally deleted Whatsapp and experiencing major issues re-downloading it right now
  10. Wanted barley but, sold out
  11. Wanted papaya but, sold out, again.
  12. I need to take my awful medication again tonight.

Now tell me what they said about things getting better. I say things definitely get better… in a down spiral kind of way. Grrr. I am behind the eight ball (coincidentally it’s the 8th today, wow. Quite sure that’s in my favour) in so many aspects of my life. Can I at least just get flowers to, idk, flourish? Ha Ha Ha #lameattempt. Whatever, BKK in 4 days folks.

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