Stepping out of my lobby into a heavy downpour, I sighed. “A visual appearance hinting at the fate of my day?”, I silently thought to myself. Deep thoughts, they have always captivated me – as they drown me away from the crowd, they draw me closer to thoughts relating to you.

Streaming my way to the station, I plodded, refusing to go against the pace of day that the rain has set for me (and the entire nation). It’s amusing, isn’t it? The way our emotions are so easily swayed by our circumstances, like how we know it’s time to leave when people change, or rather, do not change.

Upon reaching the station, I looked at the flood of bodies filling up the station. Most eyes were locked on the screens of their phones – Games, FaceBook, Instagram, I suppose? People and their need to stay on par with their counterparts -, others reading the daily papers, and some, their eyes fixated on the track (waiting for something that might never appear.) For me, my eyes were searching; they were keeping a lookout. In the face of all the commuters, I seek to find a face – a recognizable familiar face that I’ve been dreaming off – your face.

Within seconds, it was my face and not yours that I saw. Not just my face alone with the original features, but with the word ‘reality’ tattooed in the center – the result of being hit hard in the face. “Time to stop dreaming”, I persuaded myself. But persuasion is all in the mind isn’t it? And that’s where you have and will be filling up in the days to come.

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