Strange things did happen here / No stranger would it be

Being in town on at least 3 separate occasions over the last 5 days has unintentionally drowned me in a Christmasy mood all over again, just like in previous years. There’s something so – may i say – magical about Christmas songs, broadcasted in departmental stores, that never fails to transport me back to my younger days. Growing up – Toys R us, Centerpoint, Metro, Orchard, Santa Claus, Candy canes, Christmas sale, Santa’s hat, Marks & Spencer, the crowd, Christmas carols – they have all been part of this package which individually coexist to unfold into an unexplainable feeling called, (for the lack of a more appropriate word) Christmas. And it is in this particular parcel that a familiar warm fuzzy feeling evokes within me, preparing to reside till the end of the year.

No one knows the dynamics behind these festive cheers and how a simple Christmas track allows you to feel the warmth of Christmas; the love of God, and the preparation of his joyous occasion. It has always baffled me how simple it is to anticipate the comfort of christmas, through a song, with the desire to preserve this feeling internally. And it dawned on me that i love hanging on to familiarity, and believing that old ways can be replayed in altered situations. (Like the excitment of receiving a Christmas gift at the age of 23) Truly, Christmas is nothing short of joy, love and happiness – the emotions that will always subsist in my utopia.

And as I hunger for the same joy and innocence back in my childhood days this Christmas, I hope to experience the exact festive cheer as my Best Christmas yet (or even better). Can we fast forward to the 25th right now so I could indulge in my Turkey & log cakes, soak myself in the convivial atmosphere, sing along (out of tune) to acquainted christmas songs, engage in a little gift-exchange excitement, receive gifts from the people I love, hear the church bells ring during the Gloria at Midnight mass, exchange Christmas greetings through warm hugs, believe in the existence of love, and be merry very happy… just like the 5 year old me who has yet to seen the maleficence of the world?

Don’t we all just love to have a little Christmas in our everyday lives? Oh just take me back to my childhood period right now.

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