With baby Charmaine at her Baptism ystd

So @annabelleleong and I got famous over the weekend – Friend famous. (You know how you have world famous, country famous and family gossip famous), mine was social media friend famous. All thanks to our white tutus which drew attention at the Hello Kitty race on Saturday, my FB  page has become more active than my usual annual exercise routine.

I realized that 1) I have friends have an eye for spotting details, 2) My friends love flagging out (embarrassing) articles of me and posting them on my FB wall, 3) Photographers have an eye at shooting awesome stuff. ie, girls in tutu hahahaahahah and 4) you should and must always look glam at all times. Yes.

Wow the angle, just wow. (cr: Hello Kitty Run SG FB page)

See, rmbr what I said about always looking glam? (cr: Straits Times)

And then there was TNP ystd which hmm… let’s just not go into that shall we? Thank God we do not sell back-dated papers hahaha. Okay, moving on to more i-was-photo-ready decent pictures.

Lolll look who aint glam in this photo (Not me, not us)

#hellokittyrunSG I did it!

And man I miss my Hello Kitty tattoo. Oh well. Despite the rain and the messy crowd control that followed right after the rain stopped, i’m so happy that I’ve finally achieved my first ever (fun) run medal! Whoop. I’m quite sure it was less thatn 5 click but HELLOOO, look who got a 5KM Hello Kitty cold hard meal right here #dontplayplay And Yez, it’s my off day tmr. Gonna have dimsum w my folks (Y) Waddupppp. Goodnight gorgeous!

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