Today’s PH was much needed after a week of trying to settle down at my new branch and adapting to a whole new environment. As much as I miss my previous workplace – it’s cultural, my table, the people etc – I’m actually enjoying my time at WBC. I admit it’s hard to let go of “comfortable” and penetrate into a fresh environment where everyone knows everybody else, but I’m glad that my friendly peers have made it so much easier for me to seep into their family.

Work aside, life has been quite (sorry i’m still tryna find an appropriate word to fill this up). I’m at a position where I have nothing to whine nor lament about, but at the same time, I wish it could be better. And when I say better, I don’t mean it in a my-life-is-tragic-and-everything-is-so-effed-up-i-need-it-to-get-better kind of better. I mean it in a ‘pls exceed my indifferent normalities’ kind of better. That being said, i’m still waiting for that faint little spark to light up this whole town and make it shine like Christmas day. 2 things you’ve learned in 1 statement: 1) I can be really dramatic, 2) Quoting Taylor Swift will never go out of fashion for me.

So I had my 23rd Birthday a month back and I’m pretty sure I’ve put on weight from all those cakes and over-indulgence… Sian. Anw, we did a hip-hop theme celebration and boy were my friends and I in tune yo! Evidently we take theme parties v.e.r.y seriously. Let me see, I had mis-matched dangling earrings (one was an icecream and the other a guitar), a fake snapback, baggy shirt, random gold chains hanging from everywhere, and of course, what’s cool without a pair of shades.


Welcome to the East side bitchezzzzz


Digging my cool look??


Fav godsisters

One w my CJ clique <:

And that was pretty much all about my 23rd. Right now it’s just bits and pieces of photos from everywhere – a reflection of the areas in my life that I am in control of.

Oh yea selfie!

Some of the Team Orchard girls… Meh i miss you guys.

Group photo @ Regina’s birthday party

With my fav Orchard girl / Mentor. Could really label her as my bestfriend at Orchard.

Mooks w Abelle, Dave and Mark. Gah, missing this nowwww

So yea, that’s about it. I’m feeling a sense of fatigue flowing through my veins right now so I guess it’s time to call it a night. Goodnight, folks! 2 days to the weekend ^^v

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