Sunday Morning

I woke up this morning thinking of you in the most sentimental of ways. Just like I do every morning – I thought of you snugging so comfortably under your blanket, starting my day with a mental sum figuring which hour of the day are you residing in, wondering if thoughts of me did circle around ur mind while i lay in bed the previous night. These images, I play them like a game of chess every morning; strategising the ways in how I should forget the miles between us for the rest of the day. But today, I miss you in a slightly excessive fashion. The desire to be in your arms and the longing for your presence.

Living in two different time zones is difficult, it’s almost a battle on it’s own. Contrary to the lie which everyone believes, the greatest battle in this is not about the distance nor us being in different ends of the globe. It is the unspoken inclination to live dependently independently; the will to always be a part of one another despite living apart.

Saddened, I bid you “Goodnight and Goodbye” the morning before you left. Your quick resistance in alternating my farewell to “Goodbye and See you soon” turned my fears to comfort. See you soon – the indication of a mutual yearning to see each other when you get back, is the kind of restfulness I find in soft buns and hot chocolate. It’s such brief but critical thoughts that help me get through the day, to you.

I will be back soon, sooner than you will know“, your soothing assurance to me whenever I wished you were here. And if you could write feelings of joy in my heart, with paragraphs like these, I promise to reply you with nothing less than a heartfelt novel, my dear.

Till the next time I fall harder, for you, and into your embrace, I’m yours.

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