Oh hi, September

So here I am playing around with my webcam, munching on my bolo bun (lol, bread again… Btw this is teabreak and not lunch nor early dinner HAHA), and waiting for time to pass before I leave for the airport to board the plane to Korea. Whoohoo~ I doubt I would suffer from any pre-flight jitters, which I’m certain would bear upon my sister – given that she has repeatedly told me to “feed her some sleeping pills” once she boards the plane, granting her an undisrupted plane ride.

Anw, the sudden passing of 2 recent individuals recently (both whom I had not known personally, but am aware of the unfortunate consequences resulting in their abrupt deaths) struck me into reflecting on the fragility of life. It takes a great deal of relating to a personal experience to sit yourself down and think of the what-if-it-happens-to-me-instances. (Turning) 23, just starting on a new/first job after graduation, uncertain of my future, not knowing how the next day would turn out (Annyeonghaseyo Seoul), barely even started earning etc etc, what if all these luxury of living are unexpectedly being stripped away from you, in a trice, due to a disastrous incident? No notion nor warning, totally out of the blue, What then happens next?

I did think about the question pertaining to myself, and the first thoughts that came to my mind were not of me – not where would I be (whether is it in the white and serene gardens of Heaven, or the cold and inhumane purgatory) nor what would I be doing. Instead, the images of people; important people, circled and embraced my mind. My family, my relatives, my close friends, my deceased grandma, they all pop into my mom like an array of colorful balloons bursting to unravel the faces behind the drive to my everyday life, especially when my morale hits an all-time low.

Disclaimer first, this is not me trying to act all noble and an advocate of “love your life and live today like there’s no tomorrow”. It’s just me being exceptionally reflective these few days given how I was able to witness the misery and dysphoria of the surviving relatives of these deceased individuals.

So yes, I might have just realized one of my greatest fears which is- watching my surviving loved ones mourn in agony while I can do nothing about the situation to alleviate their pain. The thought of this hurts, and I am sure this stinging ache will amplify a million folds when it truly entifies. Ok, all shoo these unhappy thoughts, hahahaha. -Case closed-

And oh hey, it’s September already? Gah. Time flies in this fragility of life. Cherish, Appreciate, and Love deeply. Have a great week, folks!

Ps, I hope Singapore’s McWrap will still be available when I return from Korea!! I haven’t had a taste of it (only a tiny bite from shyan’s one the other day) ever since they resurfaced onto the menu. Mehhhh.

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