And i’m blogging on a Sunday because… (drum roll) HELL YEAH \m/ I’m off from work for a week till next Sunday!! Just to be exact, I will be leaving for a short trip to Korea on Tuesday, which i am utterly excited about ^^v I heard the weather’s been great (ranging from a high of 23 to a low of 19), there’s my fav kimchi, bibimbap, army stew etc etc, and, It’s the land of make up and skincare – not that I even put anything on my face except for Cetaphil’s moisturiser, but still. And not to mention that my face has gotten increasingly oily of late that a mini pimple plantation has erupted on my forehead… MEH. Feeling really bummed about it. I need my (almost) clear skin back /:

And my most dreaded week is officially over with me passing all my tests and clearing my final assessment for phase 2 of our officer training. So there goes our honeymoon period as we (I) prepare for the real deal which will, thankfully, only unfold after I’m back for Korea. So imma take this time to enjoy, reward myself for all the hard work i’ve invested in the previous 2 months (hey! It was really really tough ok hahaha), and EAT ALL THEM BEEF BULGOGI AND SWEET TREATS IN KOREA. I might just return with an extra 10pounds ballooned in me. Sigh. Why can’t I just eat in peace and not give a damn about the weighing scale. There’s always the need to look good to attract people (Don’t act all i-stand-for-beauty-is-skin-deep and pretend you don’t agree with me ok. Everyone has those days on some days). Hahahahahahaha.

Alright, let me see if I can rmbr what i’ve done/ who I’ve met/ what has happened since the last time I blogged about my life… Oh! I finally found the time (since most of us are either interning/working/studying) to meet my dearest CJ clique after so long. This time with Sherrie and Lucas’ German friend, Daniel. It was interesting having Thai food with Daniel in Singapore. I’ve always enjoyed eating with people from a different country/cultural because there’s just so much to learn from them. But i’m not really sure if the meal of spicy thai food (Tom Yam esp) was a good idea on our part as Daniel commented that Germans rarely take spicy food… Haha. Thankfully he enjoyed the Pad Thai so, Phew.

And I finally made a trip to Cathay, w KACY, for Concetto’s Prawn aglio which many people have been raving about. Having tried and tasted TWO plates of it (yes it was so good we ordered another portion), I now understand what the hype was about. Though 4 of us personally preferred it with their freshly made pasta (which looked like meepok). There was just something about the texture which suited the dish very well. We also had the crab meat risotto which, is an acquired taste? Haha. None of us really fancied that dish.

Concetto’s Prawn Aglio Olio

Concetto’s crab risotto

And having had an intense churro craving carried forward from the previous night, I had to drag my friends to eat it with me at Spanish Doughnuts @ 313. I’ve long heard about the existence of this place and their awesome churros, but I’ve never had the time to try it. So when i finally did, I was… hmm, not that it was bad, but I kinda expected it to be on par with USS’? (which IMO is the best in Singapore!!!!!) Their dips were delicious (lol, I actually ate the chocolate on its on) and paired very well with the churros, but it was still lacking the “THIS-IS-THE-BEST” factor. Though I’ve to give them credits for deep-frying their churros till they were extremely crispy (like you could literally hear the crunch) albeit slightly oily.


And then there were several meet ups with Ixoye for our First year anniversary (whoooo!!!) on our Nation’s bday, which was also exactly 2 months since I saw Taylor Swift, therefore I was clad in The shirt I purposely customized for the concert, which was in line with our theme: Red & White. Ha ha ha ha ha #fated. Anw, my point is that I love this group of people for they are always making me laugh, and I can be myself around them without the fear of being judged. I know I can always count on this group of people, and it is definitely a blessing to have met them and be part of this community!


Ixoye’s class photo shot

Ixoye’s 1st Anniversary

Gen’s Hello Kitty RVV for me

Shaking to my personalized TSWIFT shirt!!!!

So they say I’m always ready for the camera… hahahaah

The guys and their Butt photos at Oli’s birthday party! Not gonna upload the R21 one hahahah

Despite the previous week being highly dreaded for me due to the numerous tests and final assessment that was waiting for us on Friday, I’m glad some of my batchmates managed to meet up with a few of the CSAs and AOs for dinner. These 2 months have been gruelling at some points, and I am so thankful that I’ve had the luxury of going through the hard times with this batch of officers. Although I haven’t really spoken much to some of them, I’m still glad that we’ve braved through the hard times with our Team work, literally – the whole coming together to help one other to pass WHATEVER it takes. Hahaha. I doubt any of them is reading this but, Thank you each and everyone of you 🙂 I will definitely miss the laughter and silly jokes. Till the next time we meet, I will remember to bring my pass with me wherever I go (hahahaha inside joke)

And we finally had a full St Anthony of Padua reunion with Derek’s fav xlb steamboat dinner on Friday night. I can’t believe (and many people can’t, haha) that the NYC’12 group which I facilitated is still alive and kicking and still in communication with one another after 2 over years. Hahah. Thanks Jayna for suggesting a dinner with all of us! It is definitely heartwarming seeing this group of people growing in Christ and doing their part in the greater Nativity commiunity! Anw, that aside, I have no idea what the exact number was, but the guys ordered at least 28 longs of xlb which was craazzzzyyyy. The fact that they cleared ALL OF IT frightens me even more. Hahaha. And the mala soup was so spicy and oily I was having cramps after that. Surprisingly I didn’t suffer any diarrhoea or whatsoever the following morning Hahahah.

Padua ah Padua

Small dragon bao

So yes, that’s about it, I guess? Officially ready for Kkkkkorea! STOKED. Whooo~~~ And hmm, just ending this post with a photo of a boy who has definitely been there and helped me through this period. Not like he’s ever gonna see this (cuz i’m rly sure no one reads this anymore hahahaha) but Ggggggeez, Thank you <:

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hi:) what are you working as?

    • Hi there! I’m currently working as a senior branch ops officer in a bank 🙂

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