#REDTourSG #CornettoSG

Monday was SEN-TAY-TIONAL. It felt like a dream come true seeing Taylor Swift in person, and rocking out to her #REDTourSG concert which was SO VERY EXTREMELY FUN. I swear. Never before had I jumped and sang (no wait, I mean shouted) song after song after song, perspiring like a farmer under the hot sun. – Side track a little bit, the weather has been so Crazily intense warm in Singapore these few days, it’s appropriate to say that we’re living in an oven – So yes, anw, I was lucky enough to have won a pair of tickets to the June 9th Concert from The Muttons. And being a hardcore dedicated fan of the Queen of love songs, I HAD to design and create my own shirt.

My attire for the 9th June #REDtourSG concert

Tadah! So that was what I wore to the concert on the 9th. I like it so much I’m actually thinking of rewearing the same attire to the concert again tmr. Hmm… And yes, I did wash it. Hahahaha

I got my sister to accompany me to the event because that was the initial plan for the June 9th concert until I was so adamant on getting a CAT 1 ticket which, is pretty much out of everyone’s budget (well it is also out of my budget, but anything for Taylor). We reached there around 6pm and there was already a sea of red crowding around the stadium. Collected my tickets and I was pleased to find out that ours were Cat 2 tickets which were extremely solid considering that they were complimentary passes ^^

Walked around the area playing with the photobooth and redeemed our Free Cone of Cornetto Black Forest Ice-cream which, I didn’t really fancy. It had parts of slimy jam slotted in between the Ice-cream which I personally do not like to start with. Still a chocolate ice-cream kind of Girl. My fav part is probably still the chocolate base of the cone.

A photo tgt before heading in

This was how close we were to the stage. Our exact view. No zoom nor whatever

And the lights went out. Moments before Impomt-3 kicked off the night

And then, RED~~

Taylor’s opening song, State of Grace

One of my favorite parts, Taylor banging on some large cans or smth? Musically wonderful

And the spotlight will always be on her

Taylor performing her classic, “Love story” *.*

After the concert, we saw a crowd gathering near the carpark and we figured that they were waiting to catch a glimpse of Taylor. Being a huge fan, I dragged my sister to wait with me, hahah. And after an hour or so, we saw Taylor’s piano being transported into the truck (Gosh was it massive):

Taylor’s piano

And her waving to us from inside the car:


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