The recent terrible outbreak (and i mean grotesquely terrible) on my forehead has compelled me to (re)visit my skin doctor again this afternoon. I reckon my mom was secretly pleased with me caving in to her constant nagging, because she was utterly perturbed by the random outbreak that is destroying this peace on my forehead. And once again, I’m back on the same pill/medication… Yup, the same expensive pills that brought about those frequent bouts of dry skin. But for the sake of beauty, girls (or more like I) will last through the pain, right?

This week has been quite active for me, or at least I’ve been doing constructive things and not letting my brain cells degenerate away in the comfort of my own home. I diligently visited my dentist, baked a cake for @paoloalva’s birthday surprise, engaged in a little surprise, and am gonna collect my graduation robe from the studio tomorrow. Ah yes, convocation in 3 week’s time.

And, more importantly, I FINALLY got my brows threaded. These browns have definitely seen the light, literally, after being obscured under my bangs for the past 4 months. I’m glad to say that they look somewhat decent now. They were indisputably bushes sprouting in all the wrong directions. To a point where I wasn’t sure if those bangs were there to conceal those ugly brows, or I had bangs because of my ugly brows. Hmmm, hope I made sense…

Alright, gtg, folks! Goodnight!

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