It’s only midweek Wednesday, but I can formally announce that in a span of 3 days, I’ve already experienced the lowest of low, and the highest of high- Pretty much the roller coaster ride that most people refer to. Ok, in my effort to be truthful and specific in this context, I should clarify that the drop and rise in emotions were limited to only one single day: Monday, 3rd of March 2014.

Recounting the entire day’s incident over 30seconds made me realize how blessed and lucky I am (even though I was initially stripped off my desired choice). If you know me well enough to know that I dream to meet Andrew Garfield in real life, it wouldn’t take much of an effort to understand how big a Taylor Swift fan I am. And I mean, The H-U-G-E kind of BIG. As ginormous as (inserts name of the largest dinosaur of all time) can get. And probably fierce enough to mentally abuse people who talk bad about her. Yup.

So… The day started at 9:45am when I was camping by the sportshub page waiting to snap the best seats at 1000 – when Tswift’s tickets would be released. But no, not like in the movies or as I had perceived, I was made to, wait. Yes, wait. How long? Indefinitely… Oh yea, they were totally testing my patience and tugging at my heart strings.

So after 35mins (which felt like an entire lifetime btw), the page loaded and I secured one of the best seats I could acquire. But just when I thought I could retreat for the rest of the day, my page stopped loading after the checkout button. THRICE. W.o.W can someone just applaud me with a standing ovation please?

I swear I’ve never felt so awfully frustrated and indignant in a long while. And guess what I was made me do again? WAIT. Yup. So I waited and waited, and waited, and before the end of time, I realized I could purchase her tickets at any post office. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!) So I ran. I sprinted; I scooted for my life. In 5mins, I changed, grabbed my wallet, said Hi to my primary school friend whom I met on the way, joined the queue at the post office, and ended up panting heavily.

And as I approached the lady at the PO counter, I told her I needed (yes, it’s not a want anymore) Cat 1 tix to Taylor Swift’s concert and,

The lady: *proceeds with inputing my request into the system* “I’m sorry leh girl, no more Cat 1 tickets alrdy.
Me: Huh…? *starts tearing uncontrollably in front of the lady* (and no I’m not kidding)
The lady: *holds my hand* Ah girl, are you okay or not?
Me: Haha ya ya *feels like hell inside*
The lady: So how?
Me: Uh… Then cat 2 lor.

And that was how I got my first ticket to Taylor swift’s red concert. As I walked home, I dragged my feet with a heavy heart…. Thinking about the Cat1 ticket that could have been mine, but isn’t.

…… 2hours later ……

I received a text from Kevin telling me that there were still Cat1 tickets available for sale online. Suddenly the light at the end of my tunnel started blinking ever so brightly, so bright they blinded me. So I went online, tried my luck and O M G. I. got. it…. A cold hard cat 1 ticket to Taylor swift’s upcoming Red Tour concert in Singapore. I died. I was in disbelief. It felt surreal. I didn’t know what to do. “Is this for real????“, I thought to myself. And yes it is.

So here I am, counting down the days to the 12th of June 2014. Looking back at how Monday turned out, I’m pretty sure the last minute Cat1 ticket was a gift from God. The chronology of how everything fell into place was just insane. There couldn’t be a more perfect timing. Although the seat is not one of my optimal choices, it is good enough. Things could have be worse, much worse. And this shall be a reminder to wherever life takes me.

Last but not least, Thank you to the one Above. Seriously. Cat 1 seat at Taylor Swift’s Red Tour, here I come!

Signing off,
A perpetual Taylor Swift fan.

Who else is going?

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