what would she do

I’m speaking the truth when I say that my laptop is processing at a substantially s l u g g i s h speed right now. I can’t even describe to you how slow is it retrogressing because I would have wasted an entire lifetime by then. I have to give it to us humans though (which clearly I am not spared from). They We always seem to illustrate the existence of a paradoxical situation no matter the circumstances. See, although I’m annoyed with this considerable delay, I still chose to blog and listen to my music – sure I’m perfectly aware that these contribute to the aforementioned declining system of my Macbook. But well, a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do~ Hahaha

Crap. I’ve lost my train of thoughts. Alright, BRB while i take a break and try to recall. *5 minutes later* I shamelessly proclaim that I am back witha hot banana muffin in hand, and…. my dog tailgating me. I can never seem to shake it off. My muffin. Not my dog. And can anyone tell me how muffins taste so good??? Is it the blend of all those oil, butter, sugar and many a times, chocolate (yummy) that I have a soft (and sweet) spot for.

And yea, I am clearly a lady with short-term memory… So, i guess its goodbye and goodnight for now. OH YES. A song that has been on replay for the past few days. Enjoy.

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