Good days

It has been almost a month since i’ve updated. So much has happened through the course of one month and I don’t even know where to start. I always open this page, key in a few phrases, and click the close button. It’s like everything’s just piling on top of one another and I barely even know where to start. I’ll try my best to incorporate as much stuff as possible into one single post.

With Van and Alvyn during the ceremony of their Holy Matrimony

The dessert table at the lunch reception. So impressive.

Mr and Mrs Ng

So in love with this black mesh dress

W/ Leslie

The wedding dinner which was held at Four Seasons Hotel. I’m really a fan of such cosy settings

Ryan’s Pre-enlistment party at Fairmont Hotel

Looking so demure~~

Ever so spontaneous

Army theme ^^v

I love my white sheets

By the pool

My amazing godsisters

This was our high-tea at Shangri-La for @plastikkbarbie’s birthday

with the birthday girl


Birthday girl and her cake

Met up with my T11 girlzzz

Triple O’s with @xshyan

Followed by desserts at Paul’s

Yu’s 23rd!

At wheeler’s yard

Deep fried battered mushrooms which were a tad too oily for my liking

My omelette and toast which i felt… was something that I could prepare better

How guys Vs girls have their burgers

w the CJ clique, missing Sherrie Koh!

Lol, Paolo…

Can’t deny that they have a nice interior though

Dinner at @plastikkbarbie’s where Mama Ros prepared us her Nasi Lemak!

with @seasidesirenss

Gifts @seasidesirenss got us from Korea

My #superga twinzzz

Some hazelnut praline from Lola’s Cafe which was oh soooooo gooood. To die for.

Coffee at Yahava

Vday eve at Quayside Isle where we spotted a rainbow amidst the clouds. Sooooo gorgeous. What a beautiful sight it was

Tried Hoshino coffee and i am in love with their desserts. Not a fan of whipped cream but their homemade whipped cream were just soooo light n fluffy.

This was sooooo good

Free pink helium balloons in town

with my @balle_reena

#ootd for CNY day 1

Day 2, a customized dress i tailored

Day 9 + yeye’s birthday

Had a hard time getting my nephew to take a picture with me

LOL, #fail

QT Audrey

CNY Gathering at Oli’s place

Some of the Ixoye

Ok, so if you were to ask me what’s the point of this post, I wouldn’t be able to answer you too. Hahahaha. All i know is that I’ve pretty much summed the first 1.5months of my 2014 into one single post. And everything’s being represented by some form of illustration in relation to that event. I’m sorry my Dayre is dying… I will try to update it every once in awhile. That’s if people ever read it. Lol. At least I still keep myself updated at my own private blog every once in a while. So yea… I will be back soon.

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