Shifting between my Dayre and WordPress accounts every once in a while makes me feel like i’m suffering from some sort of Bipolarism disorder. It’s quite interesting in fact, to think of how I’ve conceived many additional (private) blogs on top of crisxcross.wp, but still end up blogging on this domain at the end of the day. It’s even more fascinating to note how this issue seems to apply to the other factors of my life, in rather conspicuous forms, quite extensively. ie, Having an abundance of many different bags but only carrying my Fav 4 most of the time; drinking the same kind of coffee wherever I go; looking for familiar food in a hawker center; labelling many diverse-looking artistes as “handsome” and virtually dating most of them, but still look(ing) for “The perfect One” whose heart connects mine eventually; convincing myself i’m relatively good in certain areas of my life but end up… running back to the kitchen (lol) etc etc.

Just the other day I was doing an online personality test with MCC, and the results seemed to echo the actual self that we really are. For those who are interested, you can take the 60 questions test HERE and review your personality type under “Type descriptions” with THIS LINK. I can’t personally vouch for the accuracy of the test, since a large deal of it depends on how honest you are in answering them, but I can say that our results correctly reflected who we think we were, and what each of us thought of one another.

Anw, the weekend is dawning and this week has been rather eventful. I had my virgin attempt at baked cheesecake on Monday which turned out surprisingly successful. I literally squealed when I opened the door of my oven and was faced with a crackless and evenly browned top.

Oh enticing New York Cheesecake

The inside. This, my friend, is perfection

Met up with Paolo and Quinten for some coffee (and for them to test out my cheesecake) at Oz Speciality coffee on Tues. Pretty decent coffee at quite affordable price. My only disapproval was the size of the cup. A tad too small for a whole afternoon spent there (we were there for about 4 hours?). Nonetheless, it was a hush and secluded spot. Perfect for catching up with friends.

So i kinda pranked on Paolo by telling the people at Oz that it was Paolo’s birthday and the cake i baked was a surprise. It was a boon to me at the same time because I could keep my cake in their fridge while waiting for the boys to arrive. Hahaha. So as expected, the surprise went SO WELL. Should have videoed down the puzzled and “what the hell is happening” faces of them. Hahaha.

Quinten and the grumpy (pseudo) Birthday boy, paolo. Hahahaha

On Wednesday, I met up with @xshyan for some shopping + to test out Triple-O’s burger @ Orchard Tower. Threw on my longsleeve crop top which felt so much like I was going for a baseball game. I ordered their original burger with the addition of a cheese + their sweet potato fries! Boy did we enjoy our meal. Shyan even commented that she would bring her friends there again the next time.

Fooling before the mirror

Triple-O’s Original Burger. Dill-licious <:

Triple O’s MUST TRY Sweet Potato Fries

Walked around town aimlessly after dinner before settling for some coffee and desserts at Paul, which Shyan has been raving about for the longest time ever. I got the fruit tart which I really enjoyed!

dessert at Paul

Fruit tart


Hello Kitty Kueh Bangkit from my Aunt

Historical moment: a photo with Steven Lim. Hahahaha

And yes. Hightlight of the night was probably the fact that I met Steven Lim? hahaha. Shyan and I were casually walking back to the MRT when I spotted Steven lim. I then tugged Shyan and said:
Me: (to Shyan) Steven Lim
Steven Lim: *Paused his conversation with some random girl and turned to me* Happy New Year! Tell her (the girl he was conversing with) what’s my name
Me: Steven Lim?
Me: *walks over to him* Can i get a pic with you?
Steven Lim: Of course! What’s your name?
Me: Cristalbelle
Steven Lim: Wooo. Here, fist-bump with me

Hahahahahahaha. So awkward… Howells, have a great weekend and enjoy doing the personality test!

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