Hello 2014 // Dayre

And so, we’ve officially bid 2013 farewell and entered into a whole new 365days. The last week of my 2013 was spent mostly house hopping with numerous invites to various Christmas parties and whatnots. There was the usual Midnight mass at Nativity, the annual xmas gathering at my place, Ixoye Christmas potluck at Kurt’s, Lepak night, and the K project (I love how this yearly event has generated a name of its own)

First things first, I’ve acquired a Dayre account and I hope to update something (no matter how insignificant or minute) in that space everyday. It’s my way of forcing myself to keep track of my days and make all moments worthwhile. You may take a read if you want to, over here!

Having settled into a new year, I made a resolution to make 2014 a meaningful one. It’s a shame when you come to a realization that you’ve been living your life in vain and playing it on the safe side (too safe on my part). And when you try to recall the moments of impact that changed and shaped your life in the previous year, you stutter in disbelief that, Man! what exactly really happened?

That being said, the #1 thing on my New Year resolution will be, Stick to my New year resolution. I’m such a failure when it comes to standing by and never giving up on a year long resolution. Firstly because, let’s admit it. 365 days is just too long a time to make a steady effort for, and 2) Who cares about NY resolutions when you’re struggling to submit a 2000 words essay the next day or living through a tragic breakup in the middle of a freaking year. WHO AGREES WITH ME?

So yes, no matter how trying or discouraging life may be at any point of the year, I will attempt to make do my promise. And like what i’ve updated over at my dayre account,

I’ve resolved to make 2014 a meaningful one (or at least attempt to): To love more, to lament less, to give, to share, to appreciate, to be grateful, & to bury all resentments.

More importantly, to open my heart to all possibilities. Happy2014!

So yes, Here’s wishing everyone a Happy and Meaningful 2014 with lots of love, joy, fun, and laughter; to always pull through the darkness and be grateful for the brighter days. I’ll end off with a random pick of photos that were captured over the festive season.

A waffle maker from my secret santa, @plastikkbarbie!

Sisters who have been there for me through everything



One of my fav shot all thanks to EJ!

EJ totally disintegrating from our group pic

Freaking good roast pork that Kurt made from scratch… MYOHMY

Lepak night!

Such a cute pic of Richie

I’m just like… I can’t be bothered with all this raving. hahahaha.

Steamboat as my first meal of 2014 right after countdown


Ahmazzzing people that God has sent into my life



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