Santa, Baby

I haven’t found the time to sit myself down to update this space recently because of my continual negligence. I have established that ‘found’ was a more optimal word to use than ‘had’ because Time is always there; Time is always within our reach. It is an entity on a perpetual journey that is constantly moving and waiting to be acquired. In fact, Time has already been given to us. The call to utilise it or not is in our hands. 

Once again I’ve been threading this earth aimlessly, but productively. Sometimes I don’t even know which of the two is better? To possess a goal and be unproductive, or to be productive with a lack of target?

I’ve got 2 hours to prepare before I leave for the airport, and all I want to do is to curdle and melt into one with my sheets. It’s not that I’m feeling unenthused about leaving this little red dot for a getaway, but sometimes, a sleep is all you need. A sleep to disappear, to escape, and to indulge in a little game of hide-and-seek from our demanding society. I wonder if comatose patients ever considered themselves lucky to slip into privacy uninterrupted.

And I feel so uninspired this afternoon to converse about anything. For now, maybe a beautiful voice for this joyous season? It’s my current fave by Daniela Andrade (How i wish i had her voice). Enjoy!

  1. Anonymous said:

    i feel that a little time doing something off your usual things would do the work, and sleep of course. jia you!

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