Nelson Mandela

Today, the world mourned the death of a Great ruler, a revolutionist, and a humble leader. I remember the first time i got wind of Nelson Mandela was during my english classes back in Secondary school. It was only in JC that this 5 syllabus became more familiar to me, when my teachers and lecturers would quote him ever so frequently. Before I could even put a face to this name, I was already in awe of how powerful this great man was in allowing the entire GP department to quote him every now and then. But what I truly admired was this man’s use of the english language; how he could make an influential statement, publicly in the world, with just a few pieces of relevant words assembled together.

As i scroll through the news feed of my social platforms today, I felt like I was flunked back into a GP class again. Nelson Mandela’s quotes were projected all over, and even a pictorial social platform, like Instagram, was not exempted. In just one single day, I was already exposed to so many of his renowned quotes. These quotes were being repeated again and again just like an album on replay.

As much as I love most of the quotes written by him, there is one quote that I could never get enough of,

Learning someone else’s language is the best way to their Heart.”  – Nelson Mandela

I find that this quote holds true in so many ways, through many different forms. Language is not being bounded to the numerous sounds that we hear throughout our world everyday. It is not confined to the dictionary or the many different dialects available. Language to me is also, Action. The language of Love. The language of communication. The language of a silent conversation.

Truly. To fully understand a lover, a family member, or a friend in need, we first have to identify their language before moving on to acquire their language. 7 billion people in the world, 7 million languages prevailing. No 2 person works the same way. Just how well-educated are you in the languages of the people you love?

I dare say i’m still struggling. After all, life is all about a constant education, isn’t it?

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