Muffin much

So you see, I’m heading to bed with a muffin in mind. And by muffin, I do not mean those random blueberry muffins (oh my faves are the banana ones) sprinkled with what-looks-to-be fairy dust, screaming out to you on display behind the glass panels of Starbucks or Coffee Bean. By muffin, I’m actually referring to the 2 Delifrance muffins (blueberry and chocolate!!) that are sitting in the warmth of my microwave right now. Possibly tampering my mind with whatever witchcraft that is going on in there.

So puzzling how the appeal of a soft fluffy muffin gets amplified a thousand folds after you’ve closed your tired eyes, rest your heavy head, and relaxed your rigid body at the comfort of your own bed at 12freakingAM in the morning. I don’t quite remember them being this alluring at 4 in the afternoon…

You know what? I highly suspect these glass panels have been tampered with (HD versions, perhaps?). How is it humanely impossible to make allllllll your pastries, breads, and desserts look so perfect and welcoming before a transparent refrigerated box. Even a simple kaya and cheese (ew at the combi) panini can pass off as a king’s banquet.

Is this love, infatuation, or just pure gluttony at work? I’ll let you know after I get a muffin. A banana crumb one will be good. The apple pie flavored ones would be good too.

What is your favourite muffin flavour?

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