hair-raising experience

I can’t put into words the entire fear and uneasiness that are streaming my blood right now. It’s that distressing and worrying feeling that benumbs your integral system before a haircut, at (here’s the gist of it) a totally new salon that you’ve never heard of before in your whole entire life. BAM. It’s the same quiver that overwhelms you when it’s your turn at the hawker center and you’re still undecided between mee pok and kway teow, AND the aunty just doesn’t want to take her watchful eyes of you. Oh the stress and anxiety.

And yes, nothing bothers me like the way my bangs fall, the size of the width between each bang “hole”, and the way they fall below (You hear me?? Below below below!!! I’m always over-emphasising this to my hairdresser) my eyebrows.

After all, who wants to look like a total dweeb when they could be, Cinderella?

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