What a difference, a smile makes

When I’m not smiling

When I smile

And that was me fooling in front of my makeshift face mirror (my Macbook’s photobooth) before leaving for town yesterday morning. Interesting how i can easily go from aloof to receptive with just a simple smile. Not sure about you, but I’ve to say I very much prefer my smile-ly self (which is applicable to everyone else too). Technically speaking, no friendship starts with a “Hi, I’m XXX”, coupled with a friendly this-is-awkward-but-i-genuinely-like-you-kind-of-smile. That being said, and having been breed and raised in an IJ environment for nearly 10 years of my life, I’m definitely aware of the reality of a “The first time I saw you I thought you were an unfriendly bitch” kind of friendship too. Though of course, these are usually the #IJgirlsforshizzlemynizzle-mysisfromanothermotherandfather-noonetouchesmysister kind of friendship, or relationship for that matter.

Moving on, last night was one of those nights where my mind ventured into all the inexistent “could be” and “would be” before programming my body into this static mode called, sleep. It all started from a casual conversation with one of the directors at Swissotel – regarding the familiar yet alienated (for me) discussion about “Your Aspirations” ; or a more lucid phrase for it, My future, before an incidental FB chat with my 30Yo cousin. We had an onging chat regarding my random and erratic baking moments, and whether I’ve ever considered taking it Full-time. Although many issues are still betwixt and between, almost fuzzy actually, but it really got me thinking (and thinking really hard) about all the endless possibilities of my future and of my life.

As much as things are still complex at the moment, I know it’s easier said than done to hop on the “chase your dream” bandwagon. Lack of courage, probably? But it’s definitely not as straightforward as it seems. Hmmm… I guess I will just surrender this up to God and allow his plans to manifest. Do your best, and God will do the rest.

Good day, everyone!

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