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Dai ga ho! 大家好! Hello Everybodyyyyy! This time, i’m back with an extensive picture post that is making me feel passive about blogging out in words. You know how a “picture paints a thousand words”? Yea… I’m hoping it materalizes in this post.

The other day I was just having a conversation with KACY, and it struck me on how i’m so lackadaisical in blogging about my day-to-day events: From where I went to eat, to whom i hung out with, to my thoughts on a certain restaurant’s new dish etc. Put it bluntly, I feel disinterested in blogging about my life on the surface. Instead, i’m constantly craving to blog about matters under my sleeve, matters that strike me and touch my heart, matters that make me think, matters that make me go “Why haven’t I thought about this till now”, matters that… really matter.

But a problem arises where I have no idea just how in-depth I should venture to and open myself to in this public space. Granted this margin is being determined by me and only me, but I guess the greater predicament is, I myself do not even know where this limit should be. This issue has been the culprit resulting in a backspace of numerous unpublished posts for the longest time. SIGH.

Going ahead, I guess I’d just cut things short and continue with my picture post. This will probably be a post short of words and explanations. I’d just let the pictures do the talking. So, about 2 weekends ago, my family joined our Church’s dying aid association for their annual trip to the Church of St Jude in Rawang, KL. It was just a short weekend trip where we mainly idled on the coach, ate, shopped, ate, and idled even more on the bus. Hahahahaa.

Denim x Superga #OOTD

Krispy Kreme Malaysia

Unbeatable glazed donuts. Only that Malaysia sells them at 2.30RM a piece, and Singapore’s ones are sold at $2.60 a piece. WOW

Got Swag?

St Jude’s church in Rawang is located on a hill. Therefore, the view from the church, overlooking the city, is breath-taking! Literally God’s work at work.

Instant Chicken Pot-pie

This was my virgin attempt at chicken pot-pie for my family during one of our weekday dinner. I know it looks pretty impressive and made my parents “Wow” at least 3x, but trust me, it’s nothing more than store-bought frozen items put together in an instant. All I needed were a frozen puff pastry, a can of campbell’s chicken stew, a small chicken fillet (cubed), diced carrots, egg wash, and a casserole dish. Ta-dah! Sometimes it’s just making use of what you have and turning it into something magical.

Anw, i’m currently hooked on this novel that i borrowed from the library. It’s “Stories” by Neil Gaiman (Gotta trust this man when it comes to writing) and  Al Sarrantono. I’d highly recommend this to an individual who’s currently sourcing a good book.

Current read

This was the sick me when i was down with a bad diarrhea the previous week….

Suki-ya buffet with @seanxavielim @annabelleleong and @jamdavidtojam

And on the previous Friday, @xshyan, @mypinkpony, @seasidesirenss and I met up for @plastikkbarbie’s convocation. It’s so surreal how all of us are slowly but surely graduating and transiting into adulthood/working life. It’s so scary to a certain extent. It’s as if all the casual talks about the “next time when we start working” and “next time when we are done with school” are gradually unfolding. Before we know it, “next time when I have my own children” would transpire… hahahaha.

We met for lunch at Namnam Noodle bar beforehand, and I was extremely excited to order my beef pho because of the numerous appraisals from many different people, whether was it from online or word of mouth. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed. The broth was tasty but was overly-salty (from the fish sauce I guess) and for the life of me, I CANNOT take salty stuff. I have a very vecry low threshold for saltiness. And since beef pho is all about the tasty soup, it was indisputably a dissatisfying  lunch for me. At least I didn’t feel so cheated because we made it in time for their lunch time special ($9.90 for a bowl of beef pho + Vietnamese fresh spring rolls + a drink).

I really enjoyed the fresh spring rolls as they were refreshing and felt light on the palate. I really love simple food like this. As for the drink, all of us ordered the lotus tea which… was REALLY HARD TO SWALLOW. None of us actually liked it. The aftertaste was too intense and it was neither nice nor enjoyable. We should have known better to get their famous vietnamese coffee than some lotus tea… lol.

@ Namnam

Namnam’s beef noodle

Shyan: “Do the act cute pose” hahahaha

#notsurewhostillwantstomarrythiscraycraygirlrighthere SO HAPPY FOR YOU MY SISTER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER


And this was the day i headed out with @seanxavierlim and @annabelleleong. We combed the entire town for my cousin’s snapback which, until now, I still have no idea why does it cost a whopping $89.90. Guess this is something I might need to take an entire lifetime to understand.

And the following pics were taken at @plastikkbarbie’s place where MCC met up for our annual Halloween potluck cum gathering. I decided to bake something delectable and also something in relation to Halloween. Therefore I settled on these instant melt in your mouth finger cookies which received the thumbs up from everyone (pun intended). Hehehehe.

Halloween Witch Shortcake Cookies

Halloween Potluck @ @Plastikkbarbie’s place

And last Saturday (for the lack of words), The Usuals had a surprise bday celebration for @jamdavidtojam where we had a steamboat at my place. We ordered a macaron “cake” from my cousin who just recently set up her own online macaron business. Her macarons are amazing and the flavours are uniquely Singapore. Like bak kwa with chysanthemum, milo with cornflakes and PB, Gula melaka Pandan etc etc. I loved the earl grey rum and raisin one the best. Don’t worry about not being able to afford them as they are definitely attractively priced (as compared to the ones that are being sold in Singapore). Do check out her My Mini Macarons Page should you need more information or if you want to order from her. The mention of it makes me want to order more from her!

Anw, since we were in the area the other day, we decided to pick up the macarons and visit our lovely niece and nephews too. GOD DO I MISS THESE KIDS SO MUCH!!!!! Such instant mood-lifters! Can’t wait to bring them out. They never fail to make my day whether is it their laughter or their innocence.

Received my cousin’s wedding invitation card, which I have to say is definitely one of the more innovative one i’ve seen so far. Love the traditional take on a modern wedding invitation card

Perpetually over-buying food

Macarons from My Mini Macarons

The Usuals

And I tried baking molten lava cake for the first time the other day! Although we overbaked and the molten was not there, the final outcome of the cake was especially moist and chocolately which all of us really loved. Even my dad who doesn’t fancy chocolate came to tell me how good it was! hehe. Definitely goes well with scoops of icecream!

First attempt at Chocolate Lava cake!

Such moist interior you cannot resist

Alright, that’s all for now. Goodnight, folks! 🙂

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