I don’t know about you but i’m feeling 22

Yoho00ooo Guyz~~ I’m back with an all new update +++ a whole new different layout! Compared to my previous minimalistic B&W design, this animal theme is substantially different. Other than having more colours, the animals also make up for the lack of illustration in my previous layout. Don’t ask me why I chose this design. As much as I do not hate animals, I do not have any specific liking for them in any way. In a way, I’m, indifferent? I’m not a die-hard-go-crazy-at-every-animal-i-see kind of animal fanatic, but I do admit I have a general soft spot for some specific animals like dolphins, dogs, penguins, and baby elephants (Baby elephants are like the CUTEST animals ever *.* I’ve always wished to own a baby elephant as a pet)

So from where I left off, I have quite a bit to update (My 22nd birthday to be distinct) On the 26th of Sept (Wow, more than a month now), @mypinkpony, @jamdavidtojam and I met up with @markiechia to celebrate his 24th Birthday. Having heard good reviews about Rokeby’s food previously, we settled on Rokeby Bistro @ Jalan Riang – one of the shops along the same lane as the famous The Cajun Kings and Wimbly Lu. Rokeby is this Australian styled bistro that promises it’s customers with nothing but delectable Australian food, beer, and wine. Stepping outside the reserved-looking cafe on a Thursday night, with nothing but a few notable customers in the bistro, we really felt like we were dining in a quiet cafe in the suburbs. And once we entered the bistro, we were greeted with such hospitable and attentive waiters who made us feel so welcomed.

High chairs and tables on the outside. Would recommend sitting here during a coldy windy night with your group of friends

The Interior

Nothing like chilling with a glass of alcohol on a Thursday night

Our complimentary house pour for liking their FB page

What’s special about Rokeby is that they have different promotions on different days. For some days it could be order a main course –> like their FB page, and receive a complimentary house drink (which coincidentally was the promotion for the Thursday we visited Rokeby), or on other nights, ladies could be in for a good treat whereby you get to purchase a dessert at half the actual price with any main course ordered. #paystobeawoman 😉 hahaha. Either way, you won’t be losing out because….. ROKEBY does not charge GST nor service charge. That’s probably one of the How to save money in Singapore 101.

@markiechia’s Burger

My grilled chicken burger

This was Mark’s burger and my grilled chicken burger… which, unfortunately, were the only dishes I managed to capture because I was dying (of hunger) to dig into my own food. As a whole, Rokeby’s food was satisfying but not remarkably rad. Considering that they’re a relatively new joint, they definitely have lots of room to improve on their above average quality. That being said, quite a neat experience with them for a start. I’d probably keep my tummy empty for their desserts next time…. BUT a-few-doors-down Wimbly Lu makes it so hard to do so. I’d give in to their light airy fluffy waffles with cinnamon ice cream and maple syrup ANY DAY ANY TIME. Do give Rokeby a try though.

15-9 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987
Opening Hours
Tue-Sun from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm
Closed on Mondays

After dinner, we headed to Wild Oats @ Punggol Park for @markiechia’s surprise with the boys. Prior to our dinner, we already teamed up with the boys to bring Mark to Wild Oats where the rest would surprise him from there. But boys being boys, (just let the girls do all the surprising plans next time ok? hahaha) they fortuitously let the cat out of the bag, without knowledge of how to cover up the exposed plan. Therefore, it was definitely not counted as a surprise success. LOL.

Happy Birthday, buds!

Now on to Sean’s birthday… (ikr?! Why’s the whole world celebrating their birthday in Sept. Just in Sept alone, I have at least 3 relatives whose birthdays fall on the same period. Like 24th, 26th, and 28th. hahaha. What sorcery is this?) Anw, as Sean’s birthday was on the 24th, my family and his family met up for dinner at my cousin’s favorite Commonwealth Zichar place on the previous Saturday, followed by desserts at T2’s Swensen’s as usual.

Can’t believe my cousin’s 14 this year

Wah… damn gay.

Cousins I grew up with. One turned 14, and well, the other just received his enlistment letter 2 weeks ago. Boy oh boy… or rather, Man oh man. HOW DO THESE KIDS GROW UP SO QUICKLY?!?! (In terms of age and vertically, physically)

Moving on next…my Birthday celebration with my fav MCC! I was so excited for that day because 1) We were trying The Cajun Kings out for the first time, 2)TCK is allll about seafood, 3) I LOVE SEAFOOD, and 4) Nothing beats company with my MCC. Before we headed to TCK, we dropped by Animal Cottage to pick @xshyan up and to play with alll the lovely puppies in her pet shop.

This boy HAS got to be my favourite of them all. He was such a darling and was even posing for a pic with me. SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE. It itches me to get a playmate for Richie. But i’m pretty sure my dear boy would be so jealous of me favouring another dog. Anw, right after, we made our way to TCK and were delighted to find out that they provide complimentary valet parkings for TCK diners who make advance reservations for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Finding a lot in that area can really be such a B***h I tell you.

We didn’t capture much photos at TCK because once the food came, everyone just digged in… with their bare hands. Licking up those tasty gravies on your finger was one of the fun parts of their unique dining concept. We ordered 2 TCK combos, 1 crab, and a basket of wings.

The Cajun Kings

My take on TCK: worth every single dime in your pocket. My gosh. As expensive as their prices might come across to be, they definitely do not shortchange you in the quality of their food. The juices were out of these world, and their seafoods are definitely one of the freshest in town. Those who are dying to try after sea-ing this picture (hahahaha) please do so!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The Cajun Kings
15-1 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987
Opening Hours
Tue-Thurs from 4.30 pm to 10.00 pm, Fri 4.30 pm to 11.00 pm, Sat 3.00 pm to 11.00 pm, Sun 3.00 pm to 10.00 pm
Closed on Mondays

After dinner, the rest of the gang tried their best to stall for time, (like making us eat waffles when all of us were clearly stuffed from TCK) and @annabelleleong and I had no clue that we were in for a surprise. You see, while we were taking a photo with Sau and Yu with the both of them standing behind us, they suddenly blindfolded us out of nowhere when Dave, who was taking the pic for us, said “1… 2….”. AND *POOF*. They clearly took us for a (car) ride right after that. We honestly had no inkling of where they were bringing us to cuz they drove us in circles, literally. They admitted after the surprise that they were just going round and round indefinitely to confuse us as to where they were bringing us too. OH YES, i forgot to mention, they inserted earpiece into our ears with songs BLASTING in the background to prevent us from hearing anything. Thank God i demanded for Taylor Swift.. which made the ride tolerable. hahahahaha.

And this is me with my Birthday presents from the gang. A pair of Burgundy Superga (which we all have established that I’ve overworn. But no one gets sick of Superga!!!!), and a pair of foldable Ray Ban Wayfarer (ahhhh, I’ve been wanting one for the longest time). Oh yes, the Minnie Mouse balloon was from Dave. SO CUTE RIGHT?!?! I’m such a Disney fan.

And moving on (again), this was from my Buffet Birthday dinner at Grand Park @ City Hall with the usuals. I was enrobed in red again because I’ve taken an immense liking for red dresses lately, and I think the color red complements my skin tone quite well (So thickskinned!). Actually, broadly because i think girls look hot when clothed in red. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Don’t you just wanna skin me alive right now.

Us with the usuals

How coincidental it was for us to bump into Fr Tay at a restaurant! What took me by surprise was that he could actually recognize us as “The Belles” even though we havent seen him for a long while, and my hairstyle has changed quite a bit since the last time i saw him :”) I was so touched when he called us out! So thankful he gave us a special blessing that night as it was our actual birthday.

Came home for our celebration part II after dinner, where we called my fav MCC over to join in the celebration. We ordered Lady M Confections‘ legendary Mille layer crepe cake for our birthday cake as a few of us were interested to know why it’s been labelled as their fav crepe cake for many celebrities. In my opinion, Lady M doesn’t skim on the rich layer of cream that binds the layers of crepe together. It’ll definitely be a hit among the cream lovers. However, as I’ve never been a cream lover, i found it slightly too rich for me although the layers were thin yet noticeable.

Ohana. Family. So thankful for these people 🙂

The Gohs with their mommy

Lady M’s crepe cake

I don’t know about you but i’m feeling 22~~~ hahahah

Yup, we had 3 cakes at one go where the other 2 were given to us. #gluttons #likeapig #oneisneverenough. Hahaha. And with this, i hereby announce that I’m officially done with my 22nd birthday post. *wipes the sweat off my forehead* Hahaha. It’s time for me to retreat to bed after a long post. Gooooodnight, folks!

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