How timely

Having done something so unintelligent like transferring 900,000+ items from my Hard Drive over to my Macbook’s Trash to be permanently abolished, I only have myself to blame for all the precious time I’ve wasted (and am still wasting) watching the numbers dwindle to zero. I’m such a stickler for all things neat and organized… even when it comes to this 11″ piece of aluminium that houses all my virtual prime information. Just a click of the “erase all” button (if there’s even such a thing) could send me to the other realm, for eternity.

It’s crazily amazing in fact, how a concise piece like this could actually reside 60GB worth of (ahem) trash. All the songs, media, videos, picayune documents and what nots have unknowingly eaten up 55GB of my Macbook space. This leaves me with only 5GB of space as buffer. How pathetic. It sucks because every single time that I commit to download a file which requires >5GB of free space, I end up yielding to my Macbook. SIGH.

Alright, enough of all those ramblings. Today saw me dwelling in the comfort of my own bed / living room sofa for practically the entire day because I was down with a bad diarrhea and feelings of intense nausea. I visited the toilet 4times yesterday… which was, nasty. I’m hoping I’d recover by tomorrow because being sick is a torture. It feels like death; your body feels like death.

Since my somewhat long “Emptying Trash” bar still has a quarter more to fill up, I thought I’d do a brief update on what happened over the month. (Leaving my Vietnam and Birthday posts for another time because they require more time)

So…. i had a go at making Apple turnovers for the first time, 3 weeks ago. It was solely my intention to use up those store-bought puff pastry (Oh how i love them) that have been sitting in my freezer for the longest time ever. It thus triggered me to source for puff pastry related recipes at my all-time-fav YouTuber’s website, Laura Vitale. I love how her recipes are so informative yet succinct at the same time. I’d usually watch the video of a particular recipe before getting my hands dirty as I realize it gives me a better idea of the entire baking/cooking process, which helps alot.

Apple turnovers!

And on one of the other day, @annabelleleong and I met up with @kevinzephaniah and @jchia for a belated birthday dinner cum catch-up. The 2 of them treated us to J-pot steamboat @ Vivo, before heading to Max Brenner for some aftermeal desserts. We ordered quite a fair bit considering how stuffed we were from the steamboat. But no one says no to desserts, much less chocolate. We ordered 2 chocolate drinks to share (one hot and one cold), plus a PB Banana pizza, and their famous Churros which got everyone raving about.

Iced chocolate drink

Nothing fancy about the cold chocolate drink. It tasted just like a cold version of a hot chocolate, but relatively thicker and richer than your usual. Chocolate lovers will still find it satisfying though. But asccording to Jel (who’s a milkshake, cold chocolate drink expert or however you categorize that), the ones sold at Godiva Chocolate are still the best for her. And ironically, Godiva’s chocolate drinks are cheaper than Max Brenners’. Hmm….

Hot cocoa with Marshmallows in an innovative HUGMUG

I really fancy the idea of a HUGMUG. Whoever invented it has totally lived through a million cold winters, recognized the need for a mug to be geniusly designed to contain hot chocolate, and understood how critical it is for an individual to be hugging a hot mug before sipping the warm chocoalte bit by bit.

Peanut Butter + Banana + Marshmallow Pizza

Churros with Chocolate dip

If the question that came to mind after scrolling through the previous 2 pics was, “were they good?”, then HELLYEAH. They were so good I’ve to beg you to order the PB Banana pizza and churros the next time you visit Max Brenner. They were truly delectable and kept me wanting for more. Especially the pizza. The way the melty marshmallow complemented the savory PB and piping hot Pizza was just orgasmic. Nothing like a sweet pizza like this to end your night. As for the churros, definitely one of the best churros i’ve tasted in Singapore other than the ones sold in USS. However, the churros were extremely overpriced where we paid about $19 for that plate of 6 pieces….

Ma Lai Gao

Baked chocolate Macaroons

Another of my other baking attempts. virgin try at Ma Lai Gao, and a 3rd attempt at Macaroons. It’s no wonder they say that macaroons require skills. Skills that can only be cultivated and not instantly discovered. It takes a great load of patience and keep-trying to produce macaroons that are edible. I wouldn’t say mine was utterly successful, but substantially fruitful given the fact that the feet appeared (yay) and they were chewy? hahaha. These small devils definitely taste better after “maturing” for at least 48hours in the fridge. My Ma Lai Gao was alright… The outside layers were fluffy and soft, but they got denser and harder towards the inside. Not sure why, but I’d give it another shot again. Following an online research after my first attempt, I found out that the batter works best after sitting out for at least 8 hours prior to being steamed. It probably affects the texture? Anw, if you think you’d like to have a go at it yourself, you could try the recipe that I used previously which was from Misstamchiak.

With the ever Gorgeous Enrix

This was my shopping trip with @enricajoan, @mypinkpony, and @plastikkbarbie. So thankful for a godsister like her whom I can just text “Wanna go shopping?” and getting a positive response on a dime, 99.99% of the time! #sisterfromanothermotherandfather

Homemade Caramelized Banana Crumble

Banana Crumb Muffins

Banana crumb muffins (which i ventured with previously), and an extremely delicious caramelized banana crumble which got the thumbs up from my entire family, unanimously. W O W. This recipe’s definitely a keeper because my sister, who’s a big fan of crumble, said that it was THE BEST crumble recipe (and probably for my entire baking endeavor) so far. I also loved how the sugar crystals glisten like stars in the picture above, lollll. However, as much as i followed the recipe on the nail, with me switching from apples to bananas, i also did some minor changes to it. I pre-caramalized the bananas, and added extra sprinkles of sugar to the banana filling or crumble whenever i felt they needed more. These small little corrections made this recipe stand out, I felt.

Walking on air

A non-typical jumpshot attempt with @mypinkpony’s Samsung camera. Some new function of her camera allows users to take burst shots of a moving pic, and allows you to choose your favorite shot from the numerous burst of pics.

w/ my Bbgirl

@ Taste Paradise

Cold tofu with Pidan and Wasabi Mayo…. OMG LOVED IT

And i finally (i always have to say finally when meeting this girl because she is constantly out of the country) met up with @kittykatparade after a long while. It was a post-birthday celebration for me, with her giving me a surprise treat at Taste Paradise. We induldged in our favorite dimsum which included xlb (DEFINITELY EASILY ONE OF THE BEST IN SINGAPORE), CCF, your cant-do-without Hargow and Siew Mai, Deep fried tofu (so crispy i cleared that) and etc. Trust that girl to order for the 2 of us because we ended up over-ordering again (i think we easily had at least 10 dishes), and having us dabaoing a lot of the leftovers home. hahaha. What’s with us and our perpetual overestimation of our teensy appetites (wanted to say stomach but i looked down and… nah) hahahahaah.

Homecooked Grilled fish!

Some homecooked lunch that i prepared the other way with those frozen fish fillets that were also taking up space in my freezer. If you know me well enough, you would know that I am a hardcore seafood lover. I’m practically selecting seafood over meat dishes when i have the choice. So yea… What’s the point of this photo? Just to show off my cooking skills to you, maybe? Hahahah. Just kidding.

w/ my $5 H&M Sneakers… WOW

I still can’t believe I am a proud owner of this pair of H&M high cuts which only cost me a mere S$5 at a recent H&M sale. WHAT A STEAL. I remember overreacting upon seeing the red $5 sticker with the word ‘Sale’ stuck on the pricetag of this shoe, after casually browsing through the shoe section. I recall holding on to a size 38 with my sister shouting from her queue at the cashier “Don’t let go ah! Wait wait, check if there’s a size 37. If not just get this”, when i’ve yet to even try on the shoe. #JustCauseIts5Bucks. But when fate appears, there’s no way you can escape it. There really was a size 37 available, and it was the last of its kind. Wooooo. Thank God.

And an even greater news right now is my trash bin is done clearing Every single damn thing. Oh how the empty basket on the bottom right hand corner has never been so pleasing to the eye. I can finally retreat in peace right now. Goodnight folks, the weekend is almost here!

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