The Rose Veranda @ Shangri-la

If there is an even bigger word to describe an extremely outdated post right now, this would be the perfect moment. I just peered over to the left of my screen to confirm that this post was supposed to be published… 3 weeks ago. Omigad. Hahaha. JUST WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST 3 WEEKS?! I do admit I pre-draft my post everyone once in awhile when i have many irons in the fire, but it’s not exactly my actual self to draft a picture post and leave it dangling for, T H R E E whole weeks. Hahaha. #firsttimeever #comeiclapformyself. Generally, this post is on the pre-birthday High-Tea that I visited with @annabelleleong @plastikkbarbie and @seasidesirenss, at The Rose Veranda at Shangr-La hotel.

On a side note, these photos were taken with my trusty iPhone4S camera which i have already put to rest with the birth of my new iPhone5S! I have no qualms about this phone as of yet, and I hope it stays this way for as long as iPhone6S is non-existent. The decision to upgrade to the new iphone5S was definitely right on the button. The fingerprint function of the 5S is undeniably one of the best invention ever. It makes unlocking my phone so convenient right now.

I love small details like this which brings out the exclusiveness of their cutleries.

This was the Welcome drink that was given to us. If i’m not wrong, it was the Happy Birthday Tea from TWG. How apt for them to serve us this  as we were celebrating our birthday that day.

My love for traditional kueh kueh will never die

Grow fat desserts

A huge chocolate fountain accompanied with chocolate truffles at both sides, and macaroons and marshmallows surrounding it


Loveddddd the fruit tart. YUMZ. But i felt the gula melaka sago needed more gula melaka, and the coconut was slightly overwhelming.

Another treat i really love, scones.

Just when you think high-teas are limited to western dishes, boy are you so wrong.


A really smoooth and delectable corn soup

Mee Rebus

Yes, there was sashimi toooo

My “cai fan”, hahaha. Missing it right now.

Brrrread pudding.

A lovely surprise from the girls 🙂

It was so sweet of the girls to pre-order a cake for us without our knowledge. Btw, The Rose Veranda serves complimentary cakes to guest who request during their reservation. All you have to do is to let them know that someone in your group/ your partner is celebrating his or her birthday, and they will gladly provide you with a WHOLE cake free of charge.

I need to confess that I initially thought that their free cake was  a non-quality old cake that has been stored in the fridge for days. But i was wrong because the chocolate truffle cake proved to be rich and enjoyable. It truly satisfied a chocolate lover like me. I was also impressed with the writings on the cake too. Sometimes a small touch goes a long way.

Here’s me looking all demure with my tea cup in hand. I love how this photo is a legit reflection of my emotion at that time. I was genuinely very happy with all that was within my reach at that moment. Beautiful girls, quality food, relaxing ambience, great photos (hahahaha) Ah…. #livingthelife. Can i have my next High-Tea soon…? Boohoo.

Thank you so much for the wonderful afternoon my babygirls. Oh yes, if you were wondering, the high-tea buffet stretches from 11AM to 6PM in the evening, on weekdays. That’s like 7hours straight. Where else can you find a high-tea session with such generous timing? And us being us, we stayed through all the way to 6PM just chatting and laughing over good food. I beg to differ from people who think that 7hours is too long a time for a buffet spread because one tends to overeat. It didn’t really happen to us because we had a “take your time to eat as you have 7 long hours” mentality. In fact, 7 hours allowed us to slowly but surely consume our food bit by bit.

Somehow we looked kinda alike here.

Mandatory shot at the entrance

The Rose Veranda @ Shangri-la Hotel
Singapore 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350
+65 6213 4486

Weekdays Lunch:
11.30am – 6pm

Weekends and Public Holidays High Tea:
11.30am – 2.30pm (first seating)
3pm – 6pm (second seating)

Hahaha, i believe i deserve yet another clap for lasting through this entire post even though 1) I’m tired, 2) It’s 1:40 in the morning, and 3) I have to be up in 2 hours. I am leaving Singapore over the weekend to visit the Church of St Jude in Klang, Malaysia. Somehow this has turned into a yearly affair since we started going with the church about 2 years ago. There’s really nothing to complain because I get to disappear from people for awhile.

And I am aware that i have multiple unpublished events, which i hope to post soon. LOL. Things like my Vietnam trip, my actual birthday party, my post-birthday celebrations, and random daily musings. So that’s about it, folks! Have a great weekend!

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