How’s everyone doing lately? I know i’ve been neglecting this space for a while so i’m finally back here. I just feel obligated for some reson. It seems like i’ve pledged a commitment to this blog after owning her for what, 7 years? hahaha. Pretty much like giving birth and watching your kid grow up; my inner self.

So i was out of town for practically half of last week, and a whole new weekend is here to greet us yet again. How time flies. Anw, I’ll just show you the 2 things i baked recently, 1 of which was a whole new level which i’ve always tried to shy away from. Hint: The chinese just celebrated this festival recently. Yesterday to be exact.

Flaky yam mooncake

Snickerdoodle cookies

Yes! It’s none other than the traditional teochew flaky yam mooncake. I’m not sure if i should label the attempt as a successful one or not because the spiral effect was not there, but i was really impressed with the orh-nee (homemade ok!) filling and the crispiness of the crust! Not bad for a first attempt i’d say. I’d probably try snowskin mooncakes the next time round because i am a fan of all this chewy mochi stuff (Y)

And yes, I baked snickerdoodle cookies too which were brilliant. It was like a butter sugar cookie with cinnamon sugar coating.. HOMYGOSH. It was slightly sweet for me though. So i guess I’d probably reduce the amount of sugar in the batter the next time round. I got my recipe from here.

I also visited Maple and Market with KACY during one of our free afternoon. Having seen that place once, I was attracted to it’s quaint and lovely feature. It’s also not easy to spot this place because it is tucked away in the middle of a block of HDB flats. I loved the quietness of that place, allowing me to deviate away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We ordered a latte, a cappuccino, a thick slice of peanut butter chocolate cake, and one of their best selling, Blossoms. I found the coffee to be really smooth. As for the cakes, there were some hits and miss. The Peanut butter chocolate cake was SOOOOOO GOOD i almost died. Especially the frosting, it was rich and creamy without being too heavy. It complimented the moist cake so well. However, we found the blossoms to be slightly dry, lacking of moisture. The taste was there though.

Maple & Market

“The place where i can expresso myself the best” hahahahahah

Maple & Market
34 Cassia Crescent, #01-82
Singapore, Singapore 390034

And during the previous Sunday, Nativity church had it’s annual Feast day with a food and funfair. It was my first time tending a stall with our newly established, Ixoye! We offered polaroid taking services which proved to be a hit at Mary’s shrine which was just bursting with bright colors from the flowers surrounding her. What a sight it was, just like every other year. Our stall was also visited but a bulk of the koreans who were there to soak up the festive atmosphere. And omgosh, all the korean kids were soooo adorable. And for the young girls, they were so pretty ok. I had no choice but the snap a pics of them with my iPhone, lolllll.

This pair of siblings were sooo loving! The elder brother was constantly on the lookout for his younger sister. Awwww

And this little lady right here, need i say more. She’s one pretty sweetheart that was more than willing to pose for us


Look at what our creativity produced. A cardboard instagram which was meant for advertisment. But we ended up using it as a money box. Hahaha

One of the best black carrot cake i’ve ever tasted in Singapore

And on one of the weekdays, I met up with @kittykatparade for Shiok Maki + gifts from all over the world. #perksofbeingfriendswithacabincrew. Hahahaah. There were clothes, food, and more food! She bought me marshmallow rice krispies and a Maltesers chocolate drink which tasted like milo but not as thick. LOVED THEM. And i can totally feel all these calories piling up. hahaha.

w/ @kittykatparade

The first non-family of mine to see me with my new bangs

Shiok Maki!

And i think i’ve found my Fav dish from Koh’s grill and sushi bar. It’s a dish that beats the shiok maki, in my opinion. But not everyone will fancy this because it depends very much on your taste buds. One of the main ingredient is a love it or hate it food which is, Pi dan (or century egg in english). And yes, my fav dish from the restaurant is currently the cold pi dan tofu! So good i can die. Totally craving for one right now. The creaminess of the pi dan sauce + the cold and soft tofu + the ebiko topping just goes sooooo well together.

Koh’s grill Pi Dan tofu!

Clothes and Snacks from Jo!

Maltesers Chocolate Drink… SO GOOD.

And on another of those weekdays, @annabelleleong @seasidesirenss and I headed to @plastikkbarbie’s place for lunch + to rot. We made our own lunch which was an impromptu decision. We had homemade pizza (which the crust was made by yours truly and received the thumbs up from everyone, muahaha), homemade spaghetti aglio olio, and mushroom soup. A meal that was prepared swiftly.

You know i’ve always thought that making pizza dough was something hard and impossible, but i thought likewise after trying to make pizza dough on my own. It’s very easy actually. Just weight the ingredients, put them all in the mixer to mix, then let it rise (which is the only “time consuming” part of the entire process. And it’s a time when you can choose to settle other stuff), then roll it out to use or store it into the freezer for future use. E A S Y! Anw, I got my recipe from Jamie Oliver which you could try. In fact, I made one using my new pizza pan the other day and the crust came out thin and crispy… just the way i like it.

Homemade pizza!

Lazing at @plastikkbarbie’s


And then we left in the evening to meet the churchies for Mookata! We initially planned to go to New Udon, but guys being guys, they wanted an all-you-can-eat-buffet, so we headed to Happy mookata at Golden Mile tower instead. The bill came up to $29 each which was very reasonable for what they offered. BBQ + fried food. Their meats were nicely marinated. Can’t beat New Udon’s, but still one of the better ones. In fact, probably the best Mookata BBQ

Happy Mookata!

Happy Mookata
Golden Mile Tower 001 Beach Road
Opens 1800-600 daily. 

And then the guys wanted thai iced tea after dinner so we headed to NaNa Original Thai Food at Golden Mile Complex. Their iced tea was really authentic and refreshing. The guys also wanted to make fun of Shawn even further (from not being able to book out to no mookata and now to not having thai iced tea) that they sent him this pic:

It supposedly stood for the 3 things/people he can’t have in camp. A pink IC, thai iced tea, and girls. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Those guys and their nonsense.

Na Na Original Thai Food
Address: 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex #01-51/52
Tel: 6297 8498 

And great, I’ve finally come to the end of my post. My next post will probably be on my recent trip to Da Nang, Vietnam, so watch out for it. (Though it’s not really much) hahaha. Have a blessed week everyone!

OH YES! Before i run off, @tothe9ines has just recently launched her 3rd collection so do support ok! Some of the stuff have already been sold out, but do email us should you be interested in them. Here are a few of the pieces that i really loved.

@tothe9ines’ Denim Top!


What are you waiting for? SHOP NOWWWWW! GO GO GO!!!

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