Dimsum @ Red Star Restaurant



Loved the traditional pushcart feature of the restaurant. Makes you feel like you’re having dimsum breakfast in Hong Kong


Weekend special, Ondeh Ondeh

Wee-wooo!  I can’t believe it’s already the month of September. The month i really love and appreciate year after year. From being splurged on by the people around me, to counting my blessings for yet another year on earth. It’s weird isn’t it, how you only start appreciating when you feel life is treating you the way she oughts to, but lament over every itsy-bitsy inconvenience when things do not go your way… #humans #life.

Anw, yesterday was one of the rare Saturdays that i was awake by 8am. I was forced to, in some way actually. I had my final (yay!) eye review with my LASIK surgeon, Dr Leonard Ang, and everything’s Purrrfect. It was so comforting leaving the room with him saying “Things are definitely off to a great start. Although it has only been 3 months, your eyesight is already perfect. You definitely do not have to wear specs for your far-sightedness ever again in your entire life” I foresee a brighter life from now on (hahaha, pun intended)

So my family headed to yin cha at Red Star Restaurant after my review. Due to our previous experiences, we were expecting a long queue to be forming outside the restaurant along the stairs. However, to our astonishment, there was not a single queue at all. We were given a table right after we arrived. I absolutely love it when i don’t have to queue for good food btw. We ordered the usual dimsum like siew mai, har gow, lou mai fan, chicken claws, pei dan jouk, char siew pau fried springroll, fried banana with mango fritters and etc. They were not exactly over the top fantastic, but still slightly above average. My parents loved the lou mai fan the most. They couldn’t stop commenting about the texture and taste of it.

I guess what distinguishes Red Star from the other dimsum places is that they offer push-cart services. I’m assuming that no other dimsum restaurant in Singapore has this right now. That probably added to the entire eating experience positively. There was really a 香港酒楼 (typical Hong Kong restaurant) feel that cantonese go for their 早茶 (morning tea).

We were also pleasantly pleased with the range of dimsum that they offered. Apparently on weekends, they have a greater variety as compared to weekdays. Some examples were like the ondeh-ondeh that we tried, and xiao long baos. I really loved the inside of the ondeh-ondeh although the skin was a little too thick. The inside was your normal gula-melaka sugar, but with small pieces of brown sugar that provides the extra crunch and sweetness. Gula-melaka fans will definitely enjoy it as much as  i did!


And so, i’m ending this post with a #selfie of me because i really loved how the sunlight was shining on my bare-face yesterday. Hahaha. Have a blessed week ahead, one and all! And i can’t believe it’s just 1 week to Nativity’s annual Feast day. Here We Go~~~~

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