Grub and Go

Lemon scones with a sugary topping

Dang, I forsee blogging (photos) to be a torture for me from now on. Unknowingly, i’ve exceeded the complimentary 3GB media space from WordPress. Oh-oh. Can’t believe i’ve casually used up my entire 3GB in 2 years? Oh man… Ohwell. That’s alright. Thank God for image hosting sites like photobucket! Although it takes up a lot more extra time copying and pasting the links, at least it gets the job done! So i shall not complain.

Anw, i baked lemon scones again yesterday! I’m quite satisfied with the crispy crust + moist inner texture this time round. I abandoned the previous recipe and adapted a whole new recipe this time round. I also tweaked it a little to make the scones slightly sweeter. Finding a sweet scone recipe to work with was the main problem for me because scones are generally a not-so-sweet biscuit that has to be paired with either clotted cream or jam. Therefore, i improvised on a classic recipe and Viola! I’m glad i figured a way to sweeten these little beauties without altering any of the other ingredients!

So, @plastikkbarbie @seasidesirenss @mypinkpony and I visited GRUB @ Bishan Park for dinner this evening. Knowing that they do not take reservations and their place is always packed, we decided to meet earlier and reach Grub at 5:30pm, which was their opening time. Grub is situated right in the middle of the park where you have to walk quite a bit from the main roads. So whether you’re driving or taking a bus, walking to Grub is a necessity (unless you bike there). I thought the place was selected quite thoughtfully because walking back to your car/ the bus stop after a filling and satisfying meal, is the perfect exercise that you need.

Grub @ Bishan Park

The dishes that we ordered to share

Grub’s Churros

Churros! Having heard from other diners that the Churros at Grub are above average, we decided to have a go at it. As a fellow churros fan, I have to say that I really liked it. Although they still pale in comparison to the ones sold in USS, I’d still pass it decently as there was nothing bad about it. Except maybe the outer layer could be crispier? The churros at Grub comes with 2 dips, 1 is a chocolate dip and the other is a lemony dip? (can’t remember) Whether it was the chocolate or lemon dip, i liked both of them. The lemon dip had a distinct familiar taste that tasted like my scones batter…. hahahahahah. I know right, what kind of comparison is that. But yea…

Grub’s Fish Burger

THIS WAS THE STAR OF THE EVENING. Crispy breaded fried fish in between 2 burger buns with a special homemade sauce. All of us loved this. In fact, there’s just something so special about Grub’s burger buns that i really love. If you know me well, you’d know i am not a fan of fastfood. Burgers are not my thing. However, i really enjoyed the burgers at Grub (especially their buns). There’s something about the soft and fluffy bun that makes you crave for it. THumbs up, definitely.

Grub’s Cheeseburger

Again, another burger from Grub that we couldn’t find anything to dis about. I just love their buns ok. I can totally eat the top of their burger buns for a meal. I’m not sure what do they do to their buns that give it a shiny and you-know-you-want-to-eat-me-look. So flawless. My only comment is probably their fries are toooooo salty for my liking. We were literally asking for refills of our water non-stop because all the sodium was making us thirsty.

Grub’s slow roasted pork belly

Pork belly… not my thing. But the other 3 girls loved it so i guess it’s a must-try? Haha. I didn’t really eat the pork belly because i’m not a fan of it, but i enjoyed the mash that came along with it.

#asiansatwork #typicalasian #goingtheextramile

Hahahahahahahahahah!!! We really burst out laughing when Yu sent us this image. We look so involved in getting a nice shot. But i don’t care. A good photographer’s gotta do what a good photographer has to do. Hey! You never know how snapping from another angle provides you with a whole new brilliant shot OK. hahahaha.

After dinner, we had a slow walk back to our before driving down to Wimbly Lu for desserts! Ordering 3 mains + 1 dessert at Grub was a good idea because it left our tummies with the space for dessert. Having heard about Wimbly’s BEST waffles, we knew we had to try it!

Because it was such a perfect weather / evening for photos in the park. hahahaahahahha

@ Wimbly Lu

Wimbly’s root beer cake with vanilla ice cream

The first dessert we had was Wimbly’s root beer cake that was apparently on everyone’s “to-try” list. The cake was moist and soft, no qualms about that. However, I felt that the taste of the root beer was too strong and overpowering. Without the vanilla ice cream, it was almost impossible to swallow. I don’t hate the taste of root beer, but that taste in a cake was just too intense. Not to mention that the vanilla ice cream melted so quickly. It was such a waste that 1/2 of the cake was left untouched. I will not recommend this to anyone…


O..MY…GOSH… Their waffles on the other hand, THEY WERE SO SO SO SO FREAKING GOOOOOD. Such soft, airy, fluffy, light (super duper mega extremely unbelievably light) waffles that won’t leave you feeling so jelat even if you consume an entire waffle on your own. You can’t say you’ve had the best waffles in the world if you haven’t tried this. I used to think that Salted Caramel held the number 1 spot for the best waffles in Singapore. But now, i gotta think twice. I think the ones at Wimbly Lu can easily knock SC off the #1 spot. Other than the fact that SC’s waffles are cheaper, I can’t see any other reason why someone would reject Wimbly Lu’s waffles for SC’s. Trust me. All of us really went speechless when we had our first bite of the waffle.

It was soft and light on the inside, crispy on the outside. Just like how a perfect waffle should be. We had our waffle with honey cinnamon icecream drizzled with maple syrup. Yummtummm. Can’t go wrong with maple syrup. But the ice-cream was a tad too sweet for my palate. The taste was nice though. Just a little too much sugar for me.

We ended the night by heading over to @plastikkbarbie’s place to rot. As usual, we just chilled in her room and lazed around. We had Yu and Sy engaging in a “see who does a better job at makeup for Abelle” contest, and we ended up curling each other’s hair. Which explains my C-curls. I have to say i loved the curls that Abelle did for me. She’s really a pro at all these hair curler things. Me, on the other hand, am a noob when it comes to it. (Quite evident when i burnt my finger with the curler earlier on). Firstly, I do not have long hair, and 2) I prefer my hair straight. Curly hair makes me look older and matured i guess? Howells. I am satisfied with my hair.

Trying out C-curls on my hair

Whoop! Can’t believe it’s Friday already! Whoohoooo! Weekends are (almost) here. Now it’s time for me to head to bed. Goodnight, lovelies!

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