Hiiii! As you can see from the title of my post, this post is already 2 days late… (Might even be 3 if i do not have ample time to rush it out right now) So i’m sorry if some of the photos i’ve uploaded are way outdated. Anw, this post is an update of what has happened over the previous week. First thing up is the Crystal Jade XLB Steamboat buffet that i went with @mypinkpony @jamdavidtojam @markiechia @leslienggg @derekfsw @enricajoan and Gen!



Our appetizer of 10 longs of xiao long baos!

The guys (actually only mark and derek) really went all out for the xlb man. They initially aimed at 10 longs each… but ended up with only 15 xlbs each in their tummy. WUSS. hahahaha. Gotta give it to them though. 2 xlb was enough to fill my tummy for one night alrdy and they had 15 each on top of the steamboat buffet. Respect. We paid about $28 each after Gst and service charge. It was actually $23.80++ per pax for the 7:30-9:30pm session.

I would highly recommend you to call and make reservations about 2 weeks in advance if you’re planning to go, especially in big groups. Be patient though… they only picked up my call after me spam calling them for about 10minutes. But it’s worth to go if you’re a huge eater + xlb lover! My favorites were the appetizer and dessert though, lol. Loved the cold eggs with pork floss and the red bean jelly! Not a fan of red bean but the red bean jelly satisfied me. It tasted a little like those old school red bean potong ice cream. Oh yes! Each person gets 2 complimentary stick of tiger prawns which were fresh and plump! I’m such a sucker for all things seafood.

20130818-212716.jpgGave in and tried Churrosity for the first time albeit feeling extremely full the other day. Having heard of the hype about it and how it’s so hard to find churros in Singapore today, we decided to buy a regular cup to share. My verdict: One of the worst tasting churros i’ve ever tasted. It was so hard in the middle (which felt slightly uncooked), and the churros were cold and tough. Hmm… Not sure if it was because they were closing and it was not a fresh batch of churros, but it wasn’t a good first impression for me. And after all, a good churro has to be hot and crispy.  So either way they shouldn’t be serving cold churros to their customers, right? #ownopinion #nooffence


Earl Grey Caramelised Banana Tart from Lola’s Cafe

And this was the Earl Grey caramelised Banana Tart from a relatively new cafe along Simon Road called, Lola’s Cafe. I loved the entire look of the cafe. A cosy, dimly-lit quiet cafe for an afternoon spent away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I liked the banana tart but felt the earl grey filling to be slightly overwhelming for the caramelised bananas which were really nice IMO. I would have preferred the filling to be a normal custard. The crust was good nonetheless.

I bought home a Lemon meringue Tart for @annabelleleong and she really totally the crust. Truly the queen of pie crust lover. Hahaha. We had mix opinions for the Lemon Meringue Tart though. My sister found the filling to be too sour, but i thought it was one of the sweeter ones i’ve ever had thus far. So it all depends on your own preference and definitions of sweet and sour. Overall, the tart was satisfying and i loved how smooth the filling was.

As a whole, I will visit Lola’s cafe again to test out their brunch menu, and reward myself with a “Me” afternoon one of these days. The lady at the cashier also gave me a wonderful experience with her welcoming and friendly service which felt like I was visiting a friend’s home. Thumbs up!


Pandan Cupcakes

20130818-212755.jpgAnd this was the inside of the pandan cupcakes that i baked the other day. I was not really satisfied with the slightly dense result, but everyone else who tried it said it was good. Especially my dad who said the cake went really well with the coconut gula melaka filling. Such encouragements really mean the world to me. Maybe i’m just being too strict on my baking…

If you want, you can have a go at it. I got my recipe from The Danity baker. You can try out and see if you’re able to achieve the fluffy texture that she had. I didn’t use the frosting recipe though. My family isn’t exactly a fan of frosting, so I would usually think of other ways to sweeten cupcakes without the icing on top.

And yes! If you have the choice, PLEASE use fresh pandan leafs instead of pandan flavoring. The artificial taste in the pandan flavoring is too strong, and it would majorly affect the taste of your cupcakes! So yea, just a simple tip.

As for Friday, mom + my sis + Dave and I drove into JB with my aunt and uncle for a short day trip. We had good food (lots of it), went on a major shopping spree, and had a really good leg and shoulder + back massage. I cannot stress how cheap the massages are in JB as compared to Singapore. For example, a 60hr massage in Singapore can cost you S$40, while a 60hr massage in JB would only cost you… RM48. Gah, look at the starking difference!



Flattened Chicken wings that actually look like bat wings… hahahaha



20130818-212851.jpgWe walked past Kimdo BBQ at City Square and decided to have a go because the food looked soooo good. We ordered squid (pretty huge!), mushroom and scallops which were grilled till perfection. You can choose your various seasoning too. I can’t remember which seasonings we got but they went really well with the freshly BBQ-ed stuff. Thumbs up! Definitely a good (and healthy?) snack to munch on while shopping around the mall. And OH!!! We had this Balonglong drink with Sour Plum which was such a thirst quencher! It’s really a rare drink because you don’t see it anywhere in Singapore. So you definitely have to try when you’re there! Apparently it was one of their star item too.


Crisscut fries @ Macs! Waddup


Samurai burger in JB

20130818-212927.jpgSo yea… Call me Slow, but Friday was the first time that i ever tried Samurai Burger in my whole life. *applaud* Don’t blame me because, 1) I’m not a fan of fastfood, and 2) Singapore no longer has Samurai Burger. Anw, i can safely say, hands down, that the sauce which goes into the Samurai Burger is one of the tastiest sauce everrrrrrrrr. The tangy and spicy flavour of the sauce wrapping the patty just packs a punch the moment it touches your tongue and drips all over your mouth. I’m definitely looking forward to the next time that Singapore’s McDonalds is bringing this in. Yummmmmy.



Pints of Baskin Robbins icecream @ JB’s Giant





Lok-lok from a lorry in JB




20130818-213037.jpgSo we ended the night/trip with a late dinner at my fav 59 noodles! Boy is it one of the tastiest noodles ever. Seriously. I’ve consumed their noodles a million times, but i’ve yet to find out their secret recipe. Lard oil i suppose. What could be tastier than a sauce made with lard oil right? This humble looking bowl of noodles never fails to satisfy. And the lok-lok, need i say more? It was Fantastic.

20130818-213046.jpgAnd ooooo yea! Received my results while i was in JB and hurray! Goodbye UoL! I’m finally a graduate! I was practically stressing out the entire time because people were saying results would be out but no one had any idea what time it would be out. So i was practically checking my email whenever i had access to any internet. And hurrah!!!!

On Saturday, my family + Dave went for Canon’s KF1 Go-Kart Championship which mom was invited to. Dave had a go at the go-kart and he came in 9th out of 36 participants! Whoo! Extremely good achievement for someone who only go-karts once in 2 years? Lollll. And this is me at the photobooth where the “prop” was an actual go-kart vehicle, loll.




A caricature of me by a super talented caricaturist!

I really need to talk about this caricaturist because he is one hell of a talented guy. I know many people might not think much of a caricaturist, but this guy here, he did everything solely on a Samsung tablet. Imagine how hard that is! It’s like painting the face of someone on, Draw Something? Super high level. This digital caricature of me is definitely gonna be framed up in my room. Gotta thank him for making me look so pretty on screen… Hahahahahah.





20130818-213425.jpgAnd this is me, with a bottle of Heineken, having a buffet dinner at one of the rooms at the F1 pit! This room apparently costs a bomb during the actual F1 race as corporate partners usually host their clients in these suites. It was definitely a privilege to be there having a wonderful dinner with the view of a mini race going on below.

Sunday dinner with my family was at Uncle Leong’s seafood. We ordered 2 kinds of crab dishes. Their signature Crab beehoon and creamy butter crab! They tasted as good as they look. We had the fried tofu and Guiness Stout pork ribs too.


Crab beehoon

20130818-213456.jpgAfter dinner, my entire family accompanied mom to watch Getai for a good 3 hours. It’s a pity that this tradition is slowly disappearing with lesser and lesser shows going on every year regionally. I actually thought the 3 hours flew by quite quickly because some of the singers were really entertaining. Fancy a getai performer taking on Techno and RnB hokkien songs in recent years.


20130818-213622.jpgSo yea, that sums up my past week! Really looking forward to the rest of this week + the weekend! Gonna be meeting so many people and having my days packed with fun-filled times! Whoohooo! I’ll be back soon! Gooodnight! 🙂

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