Never too old for an ij uniform. Even at 20. Hehe.

Evan: OMG GUYS. You know what??? SJC had this super cool inter-house singing competition for our National Day celebration! It’s like they switched off all the lights in the hall and everyone had to shine a torchlight. And there is this colored cone around your torchlight according to your house color. It was DAMN pretty when everyone shined all the different colored torchlights at the ceiling at the same time.
Me:WHAT?!?!?! SO COOL!!! Shit la… I really miss SJC and all her celebrations. SJC really has the best celebration ideas ever. And a lot of our teachers are so sporting also. My fav was the SJC idol man…
Everyone: What…?
Aloy: We made ketupat!!!

Awkward silence + *black birds fly pass*. #okcan #veryinteresting #areyoushittingme.
Ok, but that’s not really the point. The point is, memories and emotions from my ij days instantly flooded my entire brain and heart when my godsister spoke of the recent happenings in SJC.

I couldn’t help but miss my ij days SO intensely after hearing all these SJC stories. I would do anything to revisit my secondary school days right now. Life was simpler, MUCH MUCH simpler, all the girls had each others’ back, the everyone-knows-everyone, the whole ij spirit shrouding the constant bitch stares and gossips, the carefree days, the blue and white, the days when stepping into school was stepping into my comfort zone, the “sisterhood” I forged, the warm fuzzy feeling, the feeling of… a 2nd home.

As I lie on my bed with my eyes closed, I’m brought back to the canteen. Sitting there, I hear the array of voices and echoes of girls chattering. A sea of blue; familiar faces. Girls waiting for their friends from other classes. Girls strolling down the stairs after class. Everywhere’s so messy and chaotic. Everyone’s gathered in their own clique. So segregated but, Whole. That’s what the true IJ spirit is all about.

Can I have my 16year old life back, please? Pretty please?

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