Just me and my (semi-angsty) bare face before I head to bed. I’m probably one of the remaining few who wears a PJ to sleep nowadays. And when I say PJs, I don’t mean your expensive Paul Frank spaghetti top and track pants. I mean those $10 old school PJs that you find at the Pasar Malam. Hahahahhhaha. Old school does it best.

Anw, it was an amazing albeit tiring day at the Sea Aquarium @ RWS with my CJ clique this afternoon. As a whole, I thought the oceanarium was boring, and there wasn’t any charming factor that would entice me to return again. Even if I had a free ticket… Yup, that bad. I only enjoyed the dolphin and jelly fish segments. Love love love dolphins! The rest just didn’t seem to attract me in any way. Of course I might have been biased with my judgement because I’m not such a big fan of these sea life marine creatures…

When we were halfway through the oceanarium,
@balle_reena: Oh yes! This is the halfway mark alrdy.
@queenofheartx and myself: WHAT?! Halfway ONLY…?
Hahahahahahahah. All of us were just waiting to see the “Thank you and see you again” sign at the exit turnstile, lollllll.

Thank God the company and our awesome dinner made up for the boring oceanarium. Now it’s off to bed! Goodnight 🙂

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