A group pic with my Indonesian cousin who's in Singapore for a business trip!

A group pic with my Indonesian cousin who’s in Singapore for a business trip!


I'm so pretty it's so scary...

I’m so pretty it’s so scary…


Honestly... why do some people think we look alike? Hahaha

Honestly… why do some people think we look alike ah? Hahaha


I’ve been feeling so tired the whole of today it’s as if i’ve been drugged. It’s almost impossible for me to feel this way because i’m the sort of person who’s amazingly wide awake even when my entire family is taking a well-deserved nap. Rarely do i feel the need to take an afternoon nap. Therefore, when i say “I’m tired”, i actually mean ‘my body is surviving on its last drop of fuel.’ And coincidentally, that is how i’m feeling right now.

Anw, my family + Ryan’s family met up with my Indonesian cousin for a buffet dinner at Furama @ The Square this evening. Annabelle and I suggested this place because we’ve been there twice before, and felt the spread to be worth it with the 1-for-1 credit card promotion. However, I was slightly disappointed with today’s buffet, even though the rest of my family members found it worthwhile. I guess it’s because they didn’t serve my favourite Chempedak Crumble, ox tail stew, soba, and Prawn noodle today… Yes guys, i know Chempedak crumble sounds like some exotic fusion that should just remain in Alice and Wonderland, but trust me when i say that the combination of the baked crumble and the Chempedak blends very well together.

And I thought the quality of food was better during the previous 2 times when i was there. Probably because it was a weekend today and the restaurant was trying their best to replenish the food regularly, which therefore affected the quality of their food slightly. As opposed to a quiet weekday where they could take their time to replenish the food, and do not need to rush through the preparation of the food.

Anw, just to note, the photos from the buffet below were taken during my visit with @seasidesirenss, @mypinkpony and @plastikkbarbie 3 weeks back.

Yummy salmon sashimi!

Yummy salmon sashimi!

Dessert bar. A MUST HAVE for all my buffet visits

Dessert bar. A MUST HAVE for all my buffet visits




Our fav Chempedak Crumble... SEDAP

Our fav Chempedak Crumble… SEDAP

















And i finally met up with my ij babies last Thursday after not seeing them for… less than a week? Hahaha. It’s really quite amazing to see how tight we are and how far we’ve come. I hope we’re able to sustain this weekly meet-ups for as long as possible, especially when school starts for Yu and Abelle, and work starts for me. I wonder how miserable I would be right now if they had not entered into my life, lolll.

So we caught The girl in Pinafore (i think that’s the title), which was so similar to 那些年我们追过的女孩 (which i think was the title, again). Although the gist of both stories were alike, I enjoyed the show because there were just so many relevant things about Singapore and Singaporeans which were so relatable to me. #supportlocaltalents #ProudtobeaSingaporean

Our initial plan was to catch the movie and have dinner at The Sushi Bar at FEP, but things did not work out. Unfortunately, The Sushi Bar was closed on that faithful day, so we had no choice but to have dinner somewhere else. And after cracking our brains for what seemed like an eternity (can you believe we were not able to make a decision even though we travelled from NEX all the way to Dhoby station….), we settled on Hifumi because the girls missed the macaroni salad and Chawanmushi.

Mmmmmm~ Japanese Beef salad at Hifumi!

Mmmmmm~ Japanese Beef salad at Hifumi!


Yu and Abelle

Yu and Abelle

So yea… that pretty much sums up my entire week. Can’t wait for the next week because of the long Hari Raya and National Day weekend. It’s gonna be BBQ time with my family and relatives. Something we’ve not done in a LONG WHILE. Yay to BBQ marshmallows. YUMMY. Alright, it’s time i head to bed. Goodnight all you faithful readers! 🙂

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