Nothing beats working out in an empty gym

Nothing beats working out in an empty gym


Upcoming denim HW skirt from @tothe9ines! #tothe9ines

Finally met my JC clique for a dinner after so long, yesterday. After much deliberation and changes, we finally decided to dine at Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant @ 313. Upon arrival, we were quite surprised at how affordable their food were. For example, a Saba bento set cost only $9.90++, and the most expensive bento was $17?

I really find their bento sets to be very worth it because of their generous portions. Even for their udon + katsu don sets, they did not downsize the portion of each dish. Truly value for money! Talking about the udon, PLEASE TRY THEIR COLD UDON AND GYOZA! I took a few mouths of Sherrie’s udon and it was slurply delicious! Hahaha.

I had their Toji set which consisted of a cold tofu (mad love tofu!), miso soup, japanese white rice, and a sliced beef + pork cutlet + topped with egg! I looooved their tonkatsu! But the next time i’d probably order the tonkatsu as a dish itself because to me, the egg soaked up the crispiness of the katsu and made it very soggy.

As a whole, I’d consider Yayoiken to be a very affordable, value-for-dollar restaurant in Town. Will definitely return for more again!

Mix Toji set

Mix Toji set from Yayoiken

Latte @ Kith Cafe

Latte @ Kith Cafe

Headed to Kith Cafe @ Park Mall (with a bloated stomach) for some dessert and caffine loving right after. We ordered 2 cakes to share – The Red Velvet Cake and the 3 layer chocolate cheesecake, and each of us ordered a cup of coffee. I’m not exactly a fan of RVV cup (I still prefer a good old RVV cupcake), but Kith Cafe’s RVV was realllyyyyy good. I loved the moistness of the cake, without it being too heavy for an after dinner palate. I really enjoyed it. As for the coffee, i love @queenofheartx’ Iced Matcha Latte especially. The blend of matcha and milk is a matchmade in heaven. #matchaforlife

Mixing all that matcha powder, cornflakes, butter and white choco :>

Mixing all that matcha powder, cornflakes, butter and white choco :>

End product! Cereal-sly, nothing can #MATCHA to it... muahahahahhaha

End product! Cereal-sly, nothing can #MATCHA to it… muahahahahhaha

I really think my love for matcha is quite evident. Right after i came home yesterday, i immediately made my White Choco Matcha cornflakes bites with @annabelleleong. I just couldn’t resist it any further after getting the Green Tea powder from Phoon Huat yesterday. The end result? It was cereal-sly fantabulous! Nothing can #MATCHA to it (Hahahahahahah! Love this pun). Bringing some for my girls later on, and keeping some for the youths to eat after Youth Mass tmr.

Alright, it’s time I go get changed before meeting my babies for a movie + dinner! What better way to spend the first day of August than to spend it with my sisters from another mother… TTFN!

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