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Hi, crisxcross, it’s been a longggg while. Truth be told, I’ve no idea who i’m addressing to other than my inner self.  Well, even if no one but me reads this space, I will still keep it going… like a railway track. This blog has turned into a diary that is something more than personal but less than private. Sigh. I’ve no idea where to hail my motivations from nowadays – regarding my constant blog updates i mean.

Anw, I can’t believe i’m saying this, but… *Drum roll please*, I MANAGED TO TAKE A PIC WITH TOSH, LOBANG AND JOSHUA TAN at the #maybellinesg @rocktherocket party last night! #Toshrock #Reallobang #Joshuatwe13 Fan Girl mode, O N.

#maybellinesg #rocktherocket party

Our insta group pic at the #maybellinesg #rocktherocket party


My #OOTD in the middle of some japanese supermarket… hahahahahah

Potential band album cover

Potential band album cover


Just spamming photos at CQ before the event. Doing what we do best.

With @toshrock and @reallobang #toshrock #reallobang

Gahhhhh!!! With @toshrock and @reallobang #toshrock #reallobang


QTQTQT #Tosh hosting the event



Wah wah, Compatible~~

With the ever goodlooking @joshuatwe13

With the ever goodlooking @joshuatwe13

I really have to thank Ethel for the VIP passes which allowed us to hang out at the VIP area, where the Ah Boys were. And honestly, I really felt so blessed last night. It was as if everything was pre-planned for me. It feels surreal to some extent. The photo with Tosh and Lobang reminded me of #TNPAhBoysParty 5 months back (still can’t believe i got picked for the event) where i was casually saying If only Joshua was there and i could have a pic with him. And… TA-DAH, Lo and Behold, a picture of the both of us last night! Interesting I would say, considering that I didn’t even expect any of them to be there other than Tosh. From not knowing anything about the party, to trying my luck with the invites, to winning 2 invites, to KACY being able to get more invites, to just merely expecting to see Tosh 800miles away from me, to seeing all the ah boys, to receiving VIP passes, to hanging out with them and having individual photos with all of them… It was definitely a night to remember. People tell me i’m lucky but i know i’m more than lucky, i’m Blessed by the one above <:

Moving on… On Wednesday night, Mom, Abelle, and I caught The Phantom of The Opera at MBS. Such a classic that was SOOOO spectacular. The voices of the main casts just blew me away. I really loved their costumes btw. Evidently a lot of effort and time (and probably money) were put into it! All in all, it was a PHANtastic theatrical performance. So Amazing. Especially the chandelier which was the main highlight of the night (hehe, pun intended)

Spectacular musical

Spectacular musical of the Phantom of the Opera

On Thursday, @jamdavidtojam, @mypinkpony and I headed to Adventure Cove for an afternoon of fun to soak up the sun. Bumped into Sam and Helena at our first attraction so we jumped the queue and queued with them… hahaahha.

At Adventure Cove

Mandatory shots at Adventure Cove’s entrance


The first attraction that we visited was the snorkeling station where you are able to snorkel with SCHOOL OF FISHES SURROUNDING YOU. And there are no additional charges or whatsoever for this. The only thing you have to “pay” is probably paying with time queueing up.



Group pic!

Snorkeling with the fishes!

Snorkeling with the fishes!




Yes. The fishes were literally a finger away from us


Thumbs up!


After snorkeling #cui face, hahahahahaha


The 3m dive that we all conquered OK.



Just hanging around the “pool” on a float


Sweetest couple ever

Sweetest couple ever

So how did I find Adventure Cove? Hmm… Quite a refreshing change to the old Wild Wild Wet we had (can’t compare IMO), but one might get bored of the place after awhile. Especially the attractions where some of the queues were quite slow… Can’t imagine how the queue would be during peak periods when it was already crowded on a weekday. The wave pool was really fun though! My second fav after the snorkeling one. Just put on a life vest and let the waves take you wherever it wants to at the wave pool. So soothing and relaxing.

Moving on again, my family and Sean’s family had a mini staycation at One Degree 15 @ Sentosa Cove 2 weeks back. We just wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city that we decided to take a mini break. All i remembered from the 2 days was nothing more than lazing around and admiring gorgeous-out-of-this-world houses at Sentosa Cove and wishing one of them was mine. Hahaha.

Ay, Ay, Captain!

Ay, Ay, Captain!


Hahahahahahah @ Aloy!

Hahahahahahah @ Aloy! Wth is wrong with his hair man. To think he thought it looked good….

At some CJ's bar @ RWS

At some CJ’s bar @ RWS


Hahah, forced Aloy onto the dancefloor because it was apparently his "birthday" that night

Hahah, forced Aloy onto the dancefloor because it was apparently his “birthday” that night

Hahaha! The reason why Aloy was made to go up to the dancefloor was hilarious. So you see, when we entered the bar, we were the only customers at that time. And seeing that we had a relatively big group, the lady singer asked us if there was any special occasion that night. And WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST TINGE OF HESITATION, @annabelleleong and I pointed to Aloy and said it was his birthday! Hahahahahahaahahha! #TwinEffect





Loved the glass panel infinity pool at One Degree 15


WA-TAAAARRR! (pun) Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahah

HAWT @annabelleleong

HAWT @annabelleleong




Ma Homies yo!

Dinner at RWS' Malaysian Food Street for 10. Over ordered.

Dinner at RWS’ Malaysian Food Street for 10. Over ordered.

OTW for Luge

OTW for Luge

This was some scary shit ride up to take the luge ok.

This was some scary shit ride up to take the luge ok.

Impromptu photobooth w/ Sauyan and Annabelle

Some Impromptu photobooth w/ Sauyan and Annabelle at SCAPE.
Vanilla Lemon Scones!

Vanilla Lemon Scones!

The other day i was so bored i decided to whip up some scones before meeting my girls in the afternoon. The scones turned out so goood (so yummy i had 3 of them at once) with the lemon zests and vanilla, but became hard by the following day. Gah. I really need to read up on how to store up baked items. It’s such a heartache to see all these homemade pastries go to waste because of my improper ways of keeping them fresh. Thank God it was like 1 or 2 only.

Guilt-free treats

Guilt-free treats from @markiechia!

As for Last Monday, the NYC’13 com gathered for a steamboat dinner at Moses’ newly renovated house. The main thing that WOWed all of us was probably his new TV. You could take a pic, surf, watch TV, SKYPE and do all sorts of things you never expected with that large TV screen of his. It was so funny because Drea was trying to self-time the camera so we could take a group pic, when Moses just whipped out the TV controller, pressed a few keys, and Viola~~ we were all on camera AND on screen.


With the NYC'13 com missing Fitz and Lynn /:

With the NYC’13 com missing Fitz and Lynn /:


Food Glorious Food


The day i made so many inaccurate SWAG poses…



Moving on, AGAIN, my family + Sauyan visited the Zoo last Saturday! I initially thought it would be a boring trip because places like the zoo and Jurong Birdpark do not appeal to me at face level. It’s like if we had to go on a first date and you suggested Bird Park, I would think twice if we’re even made for each another… haahahahha. That being said, i have nothing against Bird and Birdpark lovers. It’s just not my cup of tea… Anw, back to the zoo, i really thought it was gonna be a boring day and we would be done with all the animals in an hour. But… I was wrong! Seeing all the lion, tigers, and the Polar Bear made the trip so worthwhile for me!! My fav had to be the ponies at the kid’s area. Unfortunately they got rid of the chick and rabbit area which was my fav!!! (I think this is the one that many of my generation people would remember, right?) HOW COME I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT THEY DEMOLISHED IT?!?!?!? It was really the most fun part of the zoo!

Zoo Zoo Zoo

Zoo Zoo Zoo


I want to totally jump into that icy cold waters right now man….




A random 60's kitchen in... the zoo

A random 60’s kitchen in… the zoo



Luv @plastikkbarbie's RM

Luv @plastikkbarbie’s RM

Loved the white Tiger! So majestic. OK no, Majestic belongs to the lion IMO.

Loved the white Tiger! So majestic. OK no, Majestic belongs to the lion IMO.






Haahah, Sean really played along with pa. Pa asked him to insert his head into the alligator’s mouth and he really did… Talk about obedient. Anw, it was off to Thomson for Salted Caramel (which didn’t work out) after the hot morning + early afternoon at the zoo. The reason why i said Salted Caramel did not work out was because it was under renovation :((( Boohooo… Till 1st August if i’m not wrong! So please take note all you SC lovers. We had no choice but to settle for Udders next door. SC > Udders anytime though! And btw, i thought that the waffles at Thomson’s Udders were not as fragrant as the ones served at Gardens. The rest of them thought so too… So yea…





So after the long day at the zoo and getting drained from the scorching hot sun, we got home, rested abit, and Abelle and I headed off for Derek’s 21st Birthday party at Costa Sands! My gosh… everyone’s growing up so fast! Headed to church to pick up the boys + Enrix before heading down.

Aloy's too cool for you~~

Aloy’s too cool for you~~





With yoks! Love his new Canon camera la….



With the walking panda balloon that Enrix got Derek! SO CUTE (and dark) ?!?!?!



Sucha nice pic of Gen and Chris!

Sucha nice pic of Gen and Chris!

LOL! What Da all

LOL! What Da all

Derek's bday cake, which was a surprise from his dad! SO CUTE.

Derek’s bday cake, which was a surprise from his dad! SO CUTE.

"All the Montfortians"... hahahahahaah

“All the Montfortians”… hahahahahaah



SAM_0553 SAM_0555




As for today, my family had dinner at Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen which served Traditional Thai charcoal Mookata, as introduced by @plastikkbarbie. We’re presently looking for a Mookata place that is on par with Golden Mile’s New Udon Thai Mookata. We were so upset when we found out New Udon has changed their charcoal BBQ to the gas kind because of some new regulations. So Huay Kwang Thai was an alternative as they’re using the traditional kind. Unfortunately, their marinates and sauces could not match New Udon’s /: We all thought New Udon’s food tasted better… So it’s all up to individual preference! Give and take!

Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen

Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen’s $59.90 combo




OK. If you made it right to the end of this post, i gotta salute you. It was one hell of a long post with about 90ish photos? My gosh… I think i just spent 2 hours getting this shit together. But it’s about time i completed this post and not procrastinate further as i had 5 albums waiting to be updated prior to this. And Phew, a burden off my chest.

I just realized how busy i’ve been recently after i was done with this post. I practically had something on everyday. Not that i’m complaining, but i really miss Me time with my books. It’s really time i slow things down and find something constructive to occupy my days – not gallivanting like a nomad of course. But i know words are just words and by next week, I would be trapped in the same Labyrinth again. SIGH.

Goodnight and Good Sabbath to everyone 🙂

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