@tothe9ines’ Collection 2


Just 3 of my fav items from @tothe9ines’ latest collection!

COLLECTION 2 LAUNCHED! Shop away, dearies! Click Here!

And so, we’ve launched our 2nd collection! It’s my first time modeling in a very long while (#funfact, i did some modeling back in primary school… hahaha) so GUYS, PLEASE cut me some slack alright? You have no idea how i literally cringed at some of the photos because of my 1)lack of creative poses and 2)unflattering postures… hahahahaha.

That being said, i had a fun albeit tiring and initially awkward time being in front of the camera. The whole all-eyes-on-you-with-the-camera-in-your-direction thing scared the shit out of me. Thank God it was only me, @annabelleleong, @seasidesirenss and @plastikkbarbie who were present at the time of photoshoot. Those girls just make me feel a little more comfortable strutting poses that will instantly make you go “S E R I O U S L Y… Wth is she doing?!”, hahaha.

I really gotta thank those girls so much for dropping by and helping us with the backdrop, hair, and all the little here and theres TREMENDOUSLY. We couldn’t have pulled off if it weren’t for them. Ahh… my fav ij babies :*

And for those who prefer and miss seeing @evangelinecordelia, don’t worry, she will be back soon ya! We just feel that it is more justifiable for her to concentrate on her studies than to be busy modeling for us right now. She’s having a major exam this year and we do not want to get in the way of that. The beauty will be back to WOW y’all in no time! Hahahaha.

And lastly, Please help to spread the word, lovelies! Your actions will be greatly appreciated! And yes, i will try my best to look better the next time ok, hahaha.

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