I think I'd make a good "undead" for World War Z. You think so too?

I think I’d make a good “undead” for World War Z. You think so too?

Hahahahahaha. I’m really sorry if my glamorous pic startled you or hurt your eyes (pun intended. hehe) Anw, i’m back….. againnnn! Wheeee! This time i’ve tons of photos to upload – mostly from my cousin’s wedding. My cousin had 2 wedding dinners on 2 consecutive weekends back-to-back. The first dinner and solemnization was held at MBS, and the 2nd dinner was held at Lee Yuen’s hometown, Sitiawan, which occurred the following weekend.

Anw, i know i said i have TONS of photos to upload right… But… i’m pretty lazy right now. So i guess I’ll just upload those from my phone. and keep the rest for a separate post. I will most likely introduce the food i ate in Ipoh for that separate post so… don’t miss it!)

My #OOTD during my cousin's wedding dinner at MBS

My #OOTD during my cousin’s wedding dinner at MBS

The couple!

The couple!

Menu for the night

Menu for the night

This was the menu for the wedding dinner which i felt was really good. Like i’m not even kidding. You know how you always attend wedding dinners thinking the food would just be cold, hard and same old stuff… But the food we got was far from that. It was really paying for quality food! The jumbo scallop was really… J U M B O.

And out of the 9 dishes we had, i only had comments for 1 dish, which was the Steamed garoupa. The gravy was delicious, i loved it, but… the not so fresh and kinda tough fish spoilt the entire thing /: howells… Gotta cut them some slack though. Steaming 20 plates of fishes and making sure every single one of them comes out perfect just requires some form of skill.



With the twin!

In case if you saw the above 2 photos and started wondering how did my iPhone4S camera got so clear (even at night) then wonder no further! Those photos were taken from our new Samsung MV-900, courtesy of mommy ^^v Actually the camera belongs more to my sister as i’m good with my G12. But i’m considering to get a smaller camera… preferably something like my s95? Gah, i hope Canon rolls out some similar-to-s95-quality-and-size camera, WITH a dual screen soon! That would be my dream camera. Please Canon, Please…

Anw, back to the MV-900. We decided to get the camera because 1) it has a dual screen – so so so important for girls and their selfie, hahaha and 2) it comes with a Wifi function which allows for immediate transfer of photos from the camera to our phones. Why our phones? Because of one single important social app, Instagram. Hahahahahaha.

Though the functions of MV-900 are somewhat better than my G12/s95, I’d have to admit that no camera quality can beat Canon’s. The sharpness of the photos taken from a Canon camera are unbeatable. All in all, Canon is still the number 1 brand i go to for cameras. That being said, it doesn’t mean the quality of the photos taken from the MV-900 is bad. It isn’t in fact! Just look at the 2 photos above! Tried and tested.

The Firefly propeller plane that we took to Ipoh

The Firefly propeller plane that we took to Ipoh

This was the propeller plane that we took to Ipoh the other day. It was my first time taking a propeller plane so i ended up taking 10 over photos of just the plane itself. Hahahaha. Eh, that might have just been my last time seeing a propeller plane and being on one ok. Lolllll.

My cousin-in-law’s hometown is in Sitiawan, slightly more than 1.5hours drive from Ipoh. So i guess taking a plane to Ipoh, followed by a bus/taxi to Sitiawan has got to be the fastest way possible. (Unless you’re rich enough to fly a helicopter from Ipoh to Sitiawan then that’s a whole new story).

Simple #OOTD for the dinner over at Sitiawan

Simple #OOTD for the dinner over at Sitiawan

This was my outfit for the wedding dinner in Sitiawan. I decided to keep everything simple because i didn’t want to trouble myself by bringing all sorts of accessories (not like i accessorize in the first place) and easily crumpled material dress over to Malaysia. I actually really love the cutting of this black dress.

Group pic!

Group photo!

And yes, us (the Singapore representatives) with the newly weds at Ipoh’s airport before we left. Seeing the 2 QT pies, Audrey and Issac, just makes me miss them more. They were such wonderful trip companions during our time spent in Malaysia. That trip also marked my first overseas trip with my dad’s side. Yes… we’ve never actually travelled overseas together before…

Alright, the rest of my post will just be snippets from my phone.

New Baking kit from Mom and @annabelleleong!

New Baking kit from Mom and @annabelleleong!

Last Monday, We (Me, @mypinkpony @markiechia @leslienggg @derekfsw @jamdavidtojam and Leslie Brab) headed to church for yet another Monday cookout! This time we baked pizza… from scratch! We used this pizza dough recipe from Bobby Flay, which turned out a little tasteless in my opinion. The crust tasted like… nothing, literally, on its own. Maybe I’d add more salt the next time i make it. One reason for the slightly unsuccessful crust could be because our yeast was not activated correctly. We had a hard time measuring the temperature of the water that we just ended up using our own gauge.

I went to read the reviews for the pizza dough and most of them gave positive comments and the recipe was rated 5/5 stars. Hmmm… Maybe it was just us?


Full of… Meat









Banana Nutella Crumble Pizza

Banana Nutella Crumble Pizza

My own rendition of a sweet pizza… Banana nutella pizza with crumble topping. Yum Yum. So sinful but so worth the extra calories! And it’s so easy to make. Just bake your pizza dough for 20minuts, spread nutella and banana mixture (banana mixed with sugar and cinnamon), and put it back into the oven for another 5 minutes, before sprinkling baked crumble toppings on them. Sedap!


My #OOTD on Tuesday when i headed to Tim Ho Wan for brunch with my family. So yes, i know the whole world must be asking if THW’s good/ worth to queue and stuff. My answer would be… Yes, and No. In my opinion, i only found the Baked BBQ Pork bun and the Ma Lai Gao (My new found fav!!!) worth queueing. The food was generally good, in the sense that the ingredients used were really fresh, and service was excellent, but… 3hours of queueing? Not worth at all.

Ah yes, before i forget, i went at 11am and only queued for about half an hour. Anw, it was my first time trying the steam egg cake and boy was i blown away. When the egg cake reached our table, I could tell from the sight of it that the cake would be something magical. And I was not disappointed. Biting into the cake just made me want to find out the secret to this light, bouncy, airy and delicious ma lai gao. The texture was just 10/10! Something i’ve not tasted / felt in all the other ma lai gaos i’ve tasted before.

My French Apple Tart

My French Apple Tart

And yes, i baked French Apple Tart today which, my family loved and wiped out in like 2 hours? haahaha. I adapted this recipe from barefoot Contessa, and cheated… quite a bit. (lol). You see, I had no time for the pie dough so i just used my own store bought puff pastry… which turned out alright, though i wish the puff pastry had a little more crisp and flake. But as a whole, the tart did not disappoint.

New fav spread!

New fav spread!

And yes, Ovomaltine is the latest addition to my bread spread at home. My sis bought this for me the other day which left me thinking how i had always qualified Nutella as the best chocolate spread. Although both Nutella and Ovomaltine vary largely in taste (one’s hazelnut and the other’s cocoa ovaltine), but the Ovomaltine won in texture because of the crunch you get from those tiny crumbs. I just love the feeling of not knowing when you’ll be biting into those crumbs when eating your bread. But recently, i find myself distancing from chocolate spread and inching towards peanut butter… which is also almost like heaven in your mouth.

  1. chmel said:

    I love ur colorful dress on the wedding night! u look stunning in it. so figure flattering.may I know where u got it from and how much u paid for it?(:thank you In advance!

    • Cristalbelle said:

      Hi, lovely! Thank you for the lovely comment :”) I fell in love with the colourfullness of the dress when i first set my eyes on it, haha. Anw, i got it from Far East Plaza! I can’t really remember the name of the shop but it’s on the 3rd level. Just take the escalator up to the 3rd level from where Wastsons is and walk straight. Hope you will be able to find it. And i paid $110 for it 🙂

    • Cristalbelle said:

      YES!! I love watching her on the foodnetwork channel! Wahhh, I feel so encouraged to know that a talented baker like you share the same like for the same celebrity chef as I do! Hahaha. And Congratulations on your Graduation, babe! I’m sure your dad’s very proud of you ❤

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