I’ve come to a realization that whenever i’m blogging about food or my 3 fav friends (@plastikkbarbie, @seasidesirenss, and @mypinkpony) those two will ALWAYS come as a package. Hahaha. It’s such a joy that my friends are such foodies and shopaholics all in 1. They’re always updating me of the latest fashion trends and what nots (other than that i’m often slow in this area), and they’re also the people i dig into new restaurants/ cafes/ food with.

As usual, we visited our fav Hanwoori Korean Restaurant at Serangoon Gardens. I simply love that place for their authentic Korean food and hospitable bosses. The lady boss even took the time to sit down and chat with us before we tucked into our food. She was so accommodating to all our little needs like our countless soup and water refills ^^



Sausage stew which has EVERYTHING from baked beans, to luncheon meat, to gyoza.


The historical day before my LASIK surgery



Testing out our fisheye lens on Annabelle (and Richie)

On Tuesday night, we met up for dinner, again. This time with @dollyunicorn and @jamdavidtojam, without @seasidesirenss as she was celebrating Yena’s first month at home! Gahhh, i hope to see Yena soon. Yu is always sending us photos of her korean baby niece which makes our day every single time.

We initially wanted to dine at Itacho, but the queue was just insane – even on a weekday night. So we walked around at the new PS extension and settled for Hifumi! OMGosh. I will definitely return to Hifumi again. Love their concept and their chawanmushi (thanks to Sauyan’s recommendation)

So at Hifumi, all you have to do is to order any food item from the menu (from $12.99 to $17.99++) and you get to indulge in their All-You-Can-Eat appetizer bar. And if you’re thinking, the appetizer bar is not some lame shit bar ok. There were chawanmushi, pasta salad (Gah, loved that), soba, fried tofu, potato salad, deep fried sweet potato fries, stir fried eggplant, gyoza, cheese fondue, and etc etc. Yummy. I think the salad bar was enough to fill my tummy, lollllll.




My curry chicken soup which was alright only?


Some of the appetizers i took



Sauyan’s yakiniku salad which was MY FAV!




My ootd! Comfy shift dress from @tothenines!!!



“I’m so fulllll”



Our first try at Smoothie King. Will definitely be back for more healthy smoothies!

Was supposed to meet the girls last night but we were all so tired and nua that we decided to just stay at home to watch our fav 9pm show on channel 8. Hahahahahah. Never thought i’d ever say this but, i am actually hooked on that show! We decided to send our sian face to each other and tadah:


4 sian girls… hahahaah

And…. it’s the weekends again.. HURRAY! Can’t wait for this weekend actually. My cousin’s getting married (finally. someone closely related to me) and i can’t wait to doll up and enjoy good food. Nomnomnom. (Just remembered i’ve yet to have my lunch…. hahahaha. Screw it). Ok, Heave a Great weekend, folks!

And yes, 3 months till i turn 22. Hmmmmm.

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