Hiiiiii. I’ve no idea who am i addressing, but i would like to think there’s someone out there who reads this space, other than myself. Hahaha. Anw, the NYC’13 com had lunch at Togi Korean Restaurant last Sunday. Andrea suggested this place because she visited them before and commented that the food was good and authentic. In fact, it was not difficult to assess the authenticity of their food as the place was swamped with koreans that afternoon, and the boss and kitchen staffs who greeted us were koreans.

Andrea, Aloy, James and I shared a table. We ordered an army stew + 2 bibimbaps to share. It was my first time trying army stew. I was initially quite apprehensive of having baked beans in a soup. (don’t get me wrong. i love baked beans. but the paring…) However, i am glad we ordered the stew. The broth was sooooooo tasty that my mouth felt like dancing with every mouthfull of soup.

As for the bibimbap, what i can say is, when you’re at an authentic korean restaurant, you can NEVER go wrong with bibimbap. I really loved it! The meat was marinated and cooked well in my opinion.

Service was also prompt and efficient. They kept refilling our soup and side dishes even when we did not ask them to. I’ll definitely visit this place again. I was spoilt of choice just browsing through the menu. And yes, side dishes comes free (and free flow) with any order.

Our bIbimbap and army stew

As for Sunday evening, my family headed to One Degree 15 at Sentosa for Julien’s 1st year birthday party. That place was just simply Gorgeous. The sound of the waves crashing onto the boats and the sun setting on the horizon was just breathtaking. Wore my 2 piece maxi dress which also happens to be an upcoming for Tothe9ines. Please support ok! Will link it up when we launch! Anw, the dress is made up of a tube skirt and a crop top which pairs very well, and is superrrr comfortable! Light-weighted material for the hot weather in Singapore (Don’t get me started on that)


Look at that pool!

Look at that pool!


Gorgeous view at one degree 15

Gorgeous view at one degree 15 @ Sentosa





Audrey :)

Audrey 🙂




Awww, the QT birthday boy

Awww, the QT birthday boy



Happy family

Happy family




Awww, siblings love

Awww, siblings love

Father and son

Father and son



I have to admit that my memory is failing me. I had to actually refer back to my calendar to recall what happened over the week. Gahhhh. So yes. On Thursday, Sherrie brought Romeo over to my place where he met Richie for the 1st time! The initial plan was that Sherrie would leave Romeo with us during her 6 months exchange starting this August. However, Richie kept annoying Romeo to the point that Romeo kept barking at him… So i guess we have to ditch the idea 😦 Awww… Romeo was such a sweetheart!  I loveeee how he plays fetch and runs for the toy. He would really sprint for the toy and bring it back to you. No like my dog who sprints less than halfway and detours to somewhere else. LAZY DOG. Anw, here are some photos of Romeo! He’s a Cavadoodle btw – Mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle)




The cavadoodle and the Yokshire Terrier

The cavadoodle and the Yokshire Terrier


So manja

So manja


Also on Thursday, Sean, Ryan, Dave, Annabelle and I drove to the F1 pit to check out the World Street Food Congress (WSFCongress). I’m glad we made the trip as there was a promotion for students whereby you pay $18 and you get $20 worth of food vouchers! 1) you save on the $8 entrance fee, and 2) you get an additional $2 food voucher. Hahahahahaahhahaha. I know i know, typical Singaporean… But hey! Who would say No to it, right?

Anw, the crowd was really disappointing. I felt so bad for the hawkers who were there… they braved the hot sun, hoped to bring good food to people, but the turn out was a let down 😦 As for the food, they were relatively good, but not so wallet friendly though. But what can i say, those were food from around the globe. So the amount we paid was considered reasonable, i guess?




Totally spoilt for choice



Freshly made putu mayam

Freshly made putu mayam



Chuoi Nuong (Banana Sticky Rice) DAMN GOOD OK.

Chuoi Nuong (Banana Sticky Rice) DAMN GOOD MAN.

Mon Ngon. One of my favvvvv that day. Vietnamese stick noodles with fried fish fillet

Mon Ngon. One of my favvvvv that day. Vietnamese stick noodles with fried fish fillet


Putu Mayam

Putu Mayam


Porchetta Burger... SO GOOD

Porchetta Burger… SO GOOD





Lovedddd the Kluay Tord. Fried banana... yummy.

Lovedddd the Kluay Tord. Fried banana… yummy.

In fact, the uncle at this stall was so nice to us! we had $5 left so we decided to buy one pack of Kluay Tord and asked him to keep the change. But he ended up giving us 2 packets of the fried bananas, when 1 pack was what, $4.50? What a kind-hearted man!




Hahahahah! This part was hilarious. We were about to leave when we realized there was a cooking demonstration going on. So we decided to just check it out before leaving for good. The hilarious part was when we stepped in, none of us said anything in relation to the chef nor the food. In fact, the first statement all of us said was “Shit la. Should have tabao-ed our food here just now. Free air-con” Hahahahaah. All of just giggled at the back which i think annoyed some of the people. LOL.

Anw, i’ve no idea who this chef is, but the sambal that he was making smelled sooooooo freaking delicious. Too bad we left before they could distribute to let us taste.







i just had to take this pic because... this was taken with my i4S! The auto-focus was just so amazing!

Best looking porchetta burger. i just had to upload this pic because… this was taken with my i4S! The auto-focus was just so amazing!

Whooop! This was a really long post. Can’t wait to blog about my USS trip yesterday! I managed to catch the fireworks which was STUNNING. Whoooo! And yes, NYC’s finally happening this week. 8 months of planning all for this day. May God bless us and give us the strength to get pass this tiring week.

Have a blessed week, folks!

  1. Anonymous said:

    hello, we do not know each other you but i chanced upon your blog quite awhile ago and i thought your life was quite interesting to read so yeah.

    • Cristalbelle said:

      Hi there! That’s really sweet of you :”) Thank you for the encouragement!

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