Tea Party

Tea Party

Tea Party

The more i look at this photo, the more impress i am with our (@mypinkpony, @seasidesirenss, @plastikkbarbie, and myself) Tea Party preparation skills. It has been 3 days but i still can’t believe we singlehandedly produced ALL this with nothing more than @plastikkbarbie’s coffee table. All the edible food on the table were baked / prepared by us, we fixed and screwed the cupcake stands on our own, and displayed everything in order to look beautiful. And the fact that everything’s pink is not a coincidence, hahahahaha. I think we can start providing tea party hosting services. You think so too?? Hahaha.

4 girls produced pies, egg mayo sandwich, chicken mayo sandwich, banana bread, sausages, creamy potato salad, Jelly hearts, cupcakes and tea.. with a perfect company. Just like how any high tea party should be.

We spent the day taking photos and laughing at senseless jokes – some of which were recurring jokes that we can and never will get sick of. Blue tent, landyard, oyster, hip belt etc etc. All our inside jokes, hahahahahaha. Shit man, we can totally write our own exclusive joke book. A joke book that will puzzle people but make us laugh till our dying day.

Brought my camera along (a small step to bringing out my camera more often) but we ended up only utilizing sauyan’s camera. That is what happens when you have multiple of the same cameras. We were so desperate to spam photos that we ended up using the baby chair with stacked magazines as a “tripod”. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOL. And with the awesome Dropbox, (Have i mentioned how awesome it is???? Why is it i only know of the way it operates like 3 days ago???) i managed to get the photos from @plastikkbarbie instantly that night. Ok, that’s not the point.

And yes Photos now!



Gorgeous teapots that Yu brought from home

Gorgeous teapots that Yu brought from home




Heart-shaped sausages

Heart-shaped sausages




Model~~ Hahahahah

Model~~ Hahahahah

Such a huge blessing to have them in my life

Such a huge blessing to have them in my life



LOLLLOLLLL!! The hip belt

LOLLLOLLLL!! The hip belt

We ain't look like twins ya

We ain’t look like twins ya






Strawberry sm00thie^^

Strawberry sm00thie^^

Seeing all these photos make me miss everything. And don’t you think these photos are just so gorgeous and pinkish and fairtyale-ish that they just make you want to have your own party?? Hehe. Happy June holidays everyone!

  1. Anonymous said:

    hey sweetie may I know where you got your pretty vintagy mustard floral dress from?:D

    • Cristalbelle said:

      Hi dear! I actually got it from Bkk last year, about a year ago? Didn’t wear it till recently, hahah.

  2. 猜猜我是谁! said:

    hey sweetie, reading your post at 4:17am still made me giggle and chuckle at our senseless inside jokes. Hope u can read this C L E A R when u open ur eyes!!!! MUACKSSSS

    • Cristalbelle said:


      Hey babe :p Not that hard to guess when you left your email (s*****30191@hotmail.com) below…. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! Our jokes are seriously damn funny. Ask Yu to go for the audition and tell 梁导 our jokes leh… LOLLLLL

      I can see everything clearly now. Woooots! Loveya babe :p MUACKZZZZZ ❤

  3. Anonymous said:

    Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah OMG JOKE OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! Didn’t know WordPress betrayed me…..

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