I am in misery

I am in misery~~~ There ain’t no other who can comfort me. Gahhhhh! Can’t wait for this madness to be OVER. I’m screwing up my entire system by surviving on an average of 4hours of sleep a day. I. Need. My. Life. Back. I need my sanity. I need my friends.

Ah well. Gotta press on for this last and final lap of my uni life. Deng deng. It feels completely surreal to me. I’ve survived PSLE, O’Levels, A’Levels, Year 1 and 2 of uni, and ain’t nothing gonna tear me down. *starts chanting – 9 more days till the end* NINE freaking days and I’m gonna bid uni Goodbye. Damn… That’s less than the number of fingers I have.

Alright, I’ll just end of with my OOTD pic for mom’s bday dinner on Thursday! Till then!

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