14 days to my first paper. Shit just got rrrrreeeaaal. Divine intervention, please?

Anw, my faulty MacBook Air is the reason behind my lag of updates. Although I do have the WordPress app on my iPad and iPhone, I very much prefer the web interface. I prefer my things neat. And organized. This iPad app just doesn’t allow me to align my paragraphs – which, is one of my many pet peeves… Doesn’t it just annoy you when everything’s just everywhere?? It’s like, why make life more complicated than it already is?

And yes, another of my pet peeve is I cannot, for the life of me, have more than 1000 photos in my phone’s photo album. I… Really…. cannot take it. This just makes me feel so out of sorts. My sister thinks I’m mad; Maybe even a freak. I still lover her nonetheless. Back to topic, I actually do have a habit of reviewing my iPhone’s photo album every night, deleting all the unwanted photos. It makes me happy even if the number of photos is 999 – 1 less than a thousand. As long as it doesn’t cross the 1000 mark, my life is proper.

Alrighty. I’ll just conclude this post with the remaining photos from the Reebonz Pampering event the other night. Gotta go catch up on my Corporate Finance right now. Last lap of my uni life! Gogogo! Oleh Oleh Oleh!













Gah! My god sisters are so pretty and photographic they should just be models already!

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